PALE WAVES – Young Goth Pop Gods From Manchester Are Everything That A Hype Is All About…


PALE WAVES – Nest, Ghent (Belgium) – 4 February 2018

What is the definition of a hype according to the English Dictionary?
A situation in which something is advertised and discussed in newspapers,
on television, etc. a lot in order to attract everyone’s interest.

Hype experts in the UK?
The greater part of the fancy music press with weekly magazine NME
as the king of all hype kings, already for ages now.

Pros of being a hype
As an artist/band you get your 15 minutes of fame on the back
of a couple of overrated songs and fabricated LOOKS!

Cons of being a hype
You’re manipulated, controlled and surrounded by greedy moneymakers such as the record label and management who will drop you the very minute you don’t make enough money anymore for them.

Example of British hypes
The Twang, Hard-Fi, Gay Dad, My Vitriol, Feeder, Black Honey, Terris, Circa Waves, Superfood and about ten thousand unknowns more. “I don’t know these bands”, I hear you say? Exactly!!

What about PALE WAVES?
This 2 boys/2 girls Manchester quartet have 1 catchy song, which they duplicate non-stop. Their entourage, who smelled big money, turned these four average talents back in 2015 into a brand, into a product, into four youngsters supervised by merciless marketeers and business sharks who determine 24/7 how the band looks like, moves like, breathes like etc. Check every photo of Pale Waves‘ on their Facebook: you’ll see the same expressions every single time: sad, gloomy, depressed and Siouxsie make-up. Next month the band will release their debut LP and the accompanying monster campaign will earn them big spots on (and only on) big UK festivals. After that? They’ll join the list of failed hypes. Another disappointment for the devoted 12-16 years old fans who spend all their money on overpriced merch.

Once you heard this one, you’ll heard them all…

2 years ago PALE WAVES looked like this (you won’t find this pic anymore on their FB)…

PALE WAVES: Website – Facebook

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(pics by Turn Up the Volume!)