Britpop Legends BLUR Released Their ‘PARKLIFE’ Single 25 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

21 August 2019

Band: BLUR
Released: 22 August 1994 – 25 years ago
Note: It was the title track of their triumphant third LP ‘Parklife’  that became a number one album in the UK. Singer/songwriter Damon Albarn revealed that the track was inspired by the park he lived close by. “I was living on Kensington Church Street (London), and I used to come into the park at the other end, and I used to, you know, watch people, and pigeons.” The hit is also famous for the spoken word part of actor Phil Daniels
Score: It peaked a #10 in the UK

Now, let’s go have fun in the park…

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25 Years Ago BLUR Released Their Triumphant ‘PARKLIFE’

24 April 2019

Britpop icons BLUR released 25 years ago today, on 25 April 1994, their triumphant worldwide breakthrough album PARKLIFE. Mastermind Damon Albarn told NME back
in 1994, “For me, Parklife is like a loosely linked concept album involving all these different stories. It’s the travels of the mystical lager-eater, seeing what’s going on in the world and commenting on it.” Read what NME thinks about the classic longplayer today here.

The album originally entitled ‘London‘, with the front sleeve being a photo of a fruit-and-vegetable car, went four times platinum in the UK. Here are Turn Up The Volume‘s fav cuts…




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– ‘4. ‘Let Love In’‘ by NICK CAVE

5.’Parklife’ by BLUR