SUPERGASS (1995) And BLUR (1994) Scored No 1 Album In The UK

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15 May 2023

Band: BLUR (London, UK)
Active: 1988–present (hiatuses: 2004–2008, 2016–2022)

Album: PARKLIFE – their 3rd LP
It topped the UK Album Charts this day in 1994.
Four times platinum.

The album was originally going to be entitled London and the album cover shot was going to be of a fruit-and-vegetable cart. Albarn stated tongue-in-cheek, “That was the last time that Dave Balfe was, sort of, privy to any decision or creative process with us, and that was his final contribution: to call it London“. The cover refers to the British pastime of greyhound racing.



BLUR: Bio – Discography

Band: SUPERGRASS (Oxford, England)
Active: 1993–2010, 2019–2022 (on hiatus now)

Album: I SHOULD COCO – their debut LP

The title of the album is cockney rhyming slang for “I should think so”.
The LP’s front cover is a painting based on three separate DIY photos
of band members Coombes, Goffey, and Quinn. It topped the UK Charts
this day in 1995.



SUPERGRASS: Bio – Discography

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