ST. VINCENT Returns With Hip-Shaking Single ‘PAY YOUR WAY IN PAIN’

4 March 2021

Artist: ST. VINCENT (New York)

New album: DADDY’S HOME – 6th LP
St. Vincent: “Daddy’s Home collects stories of
being down and out in downtown NYC. Last night’s
heels on the morning train. Glamour that’s been up
for three days straight.”

Out: 14 May 2021


Score: Sounds like the glam lady has a lot of fun in New York, mostly at night,
when white lines are popping up everywhere. Is it my ears or do I hear echoes
here of funky Bowie times with Fascination and Fame? Let’s have another listen…

And here’s St. Vincent‘s playlist of
songs that inspired Daddy’s Home

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Order info here.