Silence Is Golden – KINGS OF CONVENIENCE Whisper And Muse On New Album ‘PEACE OR LOVE’

20 June 2021

Who: Indie folk duo Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe.

New album: PEACE OR LOVE – their 4th LP, the first
in 12 years since Declaration Of Dependence
Released: 18th June 2021 – order info: here.

The Guardian (UK newspaper) says: “For their first album since 2009, the Norwegian
duo keep things pared back to explore the complexity of love and desire… Songwriting this unadorned requires melodic strength and confidence, but the pair never waver from their acoustic guitars and occasional violin. Fever is the only song with a drum beat; Catholic Country – featuring Feist, and one of KOC’s best ever songs – and others play up the percussive quality of their stringed instruments to add urgency and even a little funk… On Angel, Bøe regards a free-spirited woman ruefully: perhaps some quiet hopes of romance have been thwarted. These complicated, unreadable feelings are ultimately a mystery, and little dramas like this, populated with humans rather than signifiers, are what make Kings of Convenience a cut above.”

Full review here . Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: The 60s Brit-pop band The Tremeloes once sung Silence Is Golden, the very feeling I experience when hearing the Norwegian Simon and Garfunkel ‘s new longplayer. Comforting music for a rainy summer day/night.

Single: Rocky Trail

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