Too Good To Be Forgotten – DEAP VALLY And Their 2021 Album ‘MARRIAGE

Too good to be forgotten

19 January 203

Utterly cool female rock duo DEAP VALLY out of Los Angeles
released their 3rd album, named MARRIAGE in November 2021.
It was a top-10 LP of that year on Turn Up The Volume‘s list.

Deap Vally said: “Being in a band is like being in a marriage: sometimes it’s magical,
sometimes it’s unbearably challenging. To reinvigorate that marriage we’ve made
album three a genre-bending experiment with new collaborators and instrumentation
that push the limits of what has previously defined us. Marriage’ is our musical Rumspringa,
if you will. We’re breaking free of the rigid creative constraints within which we previously existed (two members, two instruments, two voices). Writing with the calibre of musicians
that we did on this record was an unforgettable experience, and we’re so happy to have
the result of our creative rebirth eternalised in ‘Marriage’.”

The album featured a number of collaborations including
songs with Peaches, KT Tunstall, and Warpaint‘s Jenny Lee.

Paradiso Club, Amsterdam – photo by Turn Up The Volume

Turn Up The Volume wrote: The message of Marriage is loud and clear: Lindsey
and Julie Edwards are here to stay. Their musical bond is tighter than ever. Looking
to the future they broadened their musical horizons impressively. Mind you, don’t expect
a free jazz record. Deap Vally are still about rocking and rolling while tackling their demons with an intimidating vocal bravado, but in a far more varied way than before.

I hear eruptive echoes of Death From Above (Perfuction / Billions / I’m The Master), The Black Keys (Where Do We Go / Better Run), and early Deap Vally with a full-sound injection (Tsunami / Magic Medicine). And with Give Me A Sign (bringing Sparklehorse to mind) and the soul-stirring beauty of Look Away the couple shows their softer sonic side.

After 10 years and 3 LPS (and one together
with The Flaming Lips) their matrimony is alive and kicking.

Singles/clips: Tsunami / Magic Medicine / Perfuction




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