Wrecked Combo PIT PONIES Is Back With Melancholic Cry Out ‘LATIN MUSIC’…

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23 March 2020

Independent London label TRASHMOUTH RECORDS does a fantastic job for humanity. They prevent musical talented youngsters from going too soon into psychiatry by giving them a chance to put records out and at the other end, we do not need to pay big money for therapy. A win-win situation. TR brought/bring you mind-boggling bands such as Fat White Family, Chupa Cabra, Bat-Bike, Warmduscher and Madonnatron.

Another bohemian combo is PIT PONIES. A stirring band from London, formed in 2013. They released their excellent, somber debut album Magnificent Second Occupation five years ago and return now with brand new, sorrowful ballad LATIN MUSIC. A woebegone reflection that moves you to tears. Jukeboxes should be installed again in all pubs so you can get drunk and cry your heart out in your beer when you’re feeling miserable. Indie melancholy at its weeping best with a romantic Latin touch.

Take your handkerchief and press play…

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