Canadian Oufit NEW FRIES Infiltrates Your Mind With Puzzling Ripsnorter ‘PLOCE’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

30 April 2020

Canadian trio NEW FRIES is that has never been interested in being a band. Yet, the Toronto-based experimental No-Wave trio has become one of the best-kept secrets in
the city, gaining legendary status for their unconventional, ever-changing sound, and
their rapturous live shows.

They just launched new single ‘PLOCE‘ from their new, upcoming longplayer, entitled
IS THE IDEA OF US planned to be out on 7th August. A product of working closely with
Carl Didur (Zacht Automaat, formerly U.S. Girls), resulting in a new direction, focusing more
on space and repetition, finding the in-between and reflecting on it, examining that transition
. More info and pre-order facilities here.

There’s no way whatsoever that your body can resist this steamy stunner. ‘Ploce‘ is a Krautrock-like steamroller that infiltrates your cloudy lockdown mind from the get-go
and never looks back on its rumbling course. Expect a rap-like spoken word waterfall
and ongoing addictive guitar riffs that still will play non-stop on repeat in your head,
hours after you heard this wayward hummer for the first time. Its hypnotic, baffling
and bonkers dynamics tickle your nerves, increases your bloodstream’s flow, and bewilders your mind in a way you really like it, until the sudden noisy end. This is intoxicating razzmatazz. Funky stuff. Unquestionably, one of the most fascinating brainfuckers so far his year.

It’s a poison, it’s a mind thing

Here’s the puzzling video clip by¬†Amy Lockhart

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IS THE IDEA OF US out 7th August via Telephone Explosion