Two-Headed DIY Noise Act PONS Goes Ballistic On New Blast ‘RAT RACE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

16 October 2018

Band: PONS

Who: An outspoken DIY noise duo – Sam Daugherty and Jackson Halus – out of Burlington, Vermont. Last August they released their stormy punk havoc filled debut EP They Look Like People

Pick: RAT RACE – brand new track

Score: ‘Rat Race‘ is a red-hot missile soaked with anxiety, frustration and rage. Looks like it’s all about that big country – once the land of freedom, dreams and opportunities – in the West that turned really ugly the past two years. This feels, reads and resonates like a blast of blazing emotions about The Divided States Of America. Desperation takes over.

There’s really nothing to it, maybe
Feel like you’re one of many
End up dead like Kennedy
Or live to be an accessory

Seems like shock treatment is the only option
to save the Promised Land. And it sounds like this…

PONS: Website – Twitter