PORTISHEAD Released Innovative Debut Album ‘DUMMY’ 25 Years Ago…

22 August 2019

Bristol’s PORTISHEAD, one of the pioneers of trip-hop, released their innovative debut album DUMMY on 22 Augustus 1994, 25 years ago. An experimental piece of work where blues, soul and jazz were drenched into a sort of ambient sci-fi soundscapes transferring you to an otherworldly sonic universe.

NME Magazine wrote at the time “This is, without question, a sublime debut album. But
so very, very sad. From one angle, its languid slowbeat blues clearly occupy similar terrain to soulmates ‘Massive Attack’ and all of Bristol hip-hop’s extended family. But from another these are avant-garde ambient moonscapes of a ferociously experimental nature.”

Here are the three singles…

– NUMB –



Album in full…

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Remarkable albums from the past

Released: 29 Sept 1997
Second full length

SLANT MAGAZINE wrote: “Beth Gibbons still sings her future-blues like an old
torchbearer in a smoky lounge, but this time she does so as if she were cast as Billie
Holiday’s evil doppelganger in a David Lynch film. What’s surprising, in retrospect, is
how political Portishead is—or seemingly political, since Portishead has never been as
politically outspoken as, say, Moby or fellow Bristol music pioneers Massive Attack, and Gibbons’s lyrics are often enigmatic at best. While other so-called trip-hop acts moved in
a more accessible, trip-pop direction in the late 1990s, Portishead became stiffer, sinking
more deeply into manic melodrama and the dingy recesses of the macabre. In a sense,
a third studio album is essential to validate Portishead’s glorious Middle Child Syndrome.”
Score: 4.5 / 5 – Full review right here

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s favorite track: pitch-dark and eerie opener COWBOYS

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