Today’s Yesterday Album – Self-Titled PORTISHEAD Longplayer (1997)

Remarkable albums from the past

20 September 2023

Band: PORTISHEAD (Bristol, UK)
1991–1999, 2005–2016, 2022–present

The 2nd of their (only) 3 LPs (so far)
Released: 29 Sept 1997
Score: No 2 in the UK, No 21 in the US

AllMusic said: “Throughout the album, the group crafts impeccable modern-day torch songs, from the frightening, repetitive “Cowboys” to the horn-punctuated “All Mine,” which justify the detailed, engrossing production. The end result is an album that reveals more with each listen and becomes more captivating and haunting each time it’s played.” Score: 4.5/5.

TUTV‘s fav track. The pitch-dark and eerie opener Cowboys.


PORTISHEAD: Website – Facebook – Discography

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