The Late Great CHRIS CONNELL Thrills With His Heartbreaking Cover Of ‘NOTHING COMPARES 2 U’

It’s almost three years (17 May 2017) since troubled singer/songwriter and towering voice CHRIS CONNELL decided, due to severe depression problems, to leave this world. A really sad loss. He fronted grunge icons Soundgarden, founded Temple Of The Dog and made a lasting impression as a solo artist.

While surfing on the internet yesterday I came across his spine-tingling, acoustic version
of Prince‘s brilliant love ballad ‘NOTHING COMPARES 2 U’, made famous, worldwide, by Sinead O’Connor. His utterly gripping vox and the weeping cello bring you to tears. Get goosebumps right here…

Performed for SiriusXM – a radio  company headquartered in New York City


PRINCE Scored No 1 Hit In The US 35 Years Ago Today With ‘LET’S GO CRAZY’…

Knockouts from the past

29 September 2019

Artist: Prince
Song: Let’s Go Crazy
B-side: ‘Take Me With U‘ in the UK and ‘Erotic City‘ in the US
Album: Purple Rain – his sixth album – released 24 June 1984
Note 1: The song is thought to be exhortation to follow Christian
ethics, with the “De-elevator” of the lyrics being a metaphor for the Devil
Note 2: The single hit the top spot of the US Singles Chart (his second
Number One in America) on 29 September 1984, 35 years ago today

Go crazy here…

PRINCE: Facebook – Website

PRINCE Released His Gigantic Breakthrough Album ‘PURPLE RAIN’ 35 Years Ago Today…


25 June 2019


This day 35 years ago, on 25 June 1984 the late great genius PRINCE released his massive masterpiece LP PURPLE RAIN, the soundtrack of the movie of the same name that hit the cinemas the year before. It topped the albums chart in the US, in Australia, in Cananad and in The Netherlands. A worldwide success. The first two singles of the longplayer became number one hits in America. Here they come…



It would be a crime not to include the magical title track
here, that peaked at #2 on the Billboard Singles Chart…

Album in full …

PRINCE: Website – Facebook – All Allbums


PRINCE – Title Track From Double Album ‘SIGN “☮” THE TIMES’ Still Highly Relevant After 30 Years…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


‘Sign “☮” The Times’ by PRINCE

Musical genius PRINCE released his double masterpiece album ‘SIGN “☮” THE TIMES’
30 years ago, on 31 March 1987. An innovative magnum opus where funk, soul, rap, pop
and rock were mixed into an ingenious and vibrant sonic cocktail. The late, sadly missed icon translated the troubled times the world experienced back then perfectly in the title track. On the other hand most of the songs on this double LP contained messages of hope, love, solidarity and unity to overcome the bad signs of those days. Unfortunately nothing has really changed after 30 years. Today it’s back to egoism intolerance, hate and dissension as we all know. The fact that the funky killer single of this double wake up call album sounds like it’s 1987 all over again is both scary and alarming. Here’s the Purple Legend, still highly relevant after 30 years…

PRINCE: Biography – Discography – Paisley Park Website

The album’s cover…