Liverpool’s Glam Punk Misfits QUEEN ZEE Released Self-Titled Fireball Debut LP…

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11 February 2019


Who: Rousing Liverpool misfits led by the other-worldly and charismatic queer frontman Queen Zee. This gang built itself a thunderous reputation on the busy live circuit in the UK the past hew years while releasing a string of stupendous singles. Iggy Pop said about them: “They’re strange people from Liverpool. I don’t wanna say they’re dirty, they look a little weird, but they rock like crazy.”

Album: QUEEN ZEE – self-titled debut LP just released

Score: This first full length is a politically sharp-witted and highly noisy melting pot of trenchant glam punk havoc and dynamite pop mayhem. A terrific fireball fuelled with waspish vocals, bad-ass guitars and a thrashing drums/bass bolide. Get ready for a
series of slam dunks. Right here, right now…

QUEEN ZEE: Facebook

Liverpool dynamite

Go Completely Gaga To QUEEN ZEE’s Blistering ‘VICTIM AGE’ Slam…

14 February 2018

Turn Up The Volume already fell in love with this eccentric outlaw gang from Liverpool
when their scorching debut EPĀ Sass Or Die hit our stereo. Led by the eccentric, the freakish and the utterly charismatic QUEEN ZEE this gang built itself a thunderous reputation on the busy live circuit in the UK. I think their latest grenade VICTIM AGE
is another, more mind-expanding way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Surprise your ignorant lover with a BIG BOOMING BANG! Why? Because this vicious sledgehammer is LOUD! SEXY! NASTY! DIRTY! HORNY! PUNKY! WILD! SHOCKING! TERRIFIC! RIOTOUS! SMASHING! RED-HOT! and also MASSIVE! AWESOME! BADASS! CUCKOO! MENTAL! & TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS! See, exactly the insane mood you
always wanted for a day like this instead of another lousy present! GO FOR IT! 1-2-3-4

QUEEN ZEE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Your new fav Queen