Liverpool’s Glam Punk Misfits QUEEN ZEE Released Self-Titled Fireball Debut LP…

Remarkable new full length releases

11 February 2019


Who: Rousing Liverpool misfits led by the other-worldly and charismatic queer frontman Queen Zee. This gang built itself a thunderous reputation on the busy live circuit in the UK the past hew years while releasing a string of stupendous singles. Iggy Pop said about them: “They’re strange people from Liverpool. I don’t wanna say they’re dirty, they look a little weird, but they rock like crazy.”

Album: QUEEN ZEE – self-titled debut LP just released

Score: This first full length is a politically sharp-witted and highly noisy melting pot of trenchant glam punk havoc and dynamite pop mayhem. A terrific fireball fuelled with waspish vocals, bad-ass guitars and a thrashing drums/bass bolide. Get ready for a
series of slam dunks. Right here, right now…

QUEEN ZEE: Facebook

Liverpool dynamite

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