Irish Forceful Rockers JUNK DRAWER Launched Ardent Debut Album ‘READY FOR THE HOUSE’…

3 May 2020

Forceful rockers JUNK DRAWER is a Belfast based band channeling the thrilling likes of Pavement, Silver Jews, Beak> and more with their shape-shifting sound. This robust squad veer between slacker-rock, post-punk, krautrock and swirling psychedelia. They have already built up a lot of acclaim in their native country, becoming the first DIY act ever to win a Northern Ireland Music Award for Best Single, as well as live slots with icons Mclusky, Built To Spill and Grandaddy.

This impassioned turbo just released their spine-chilling debut longplayer, titled ‘READY FOR THE HOUSE‘. A mood swings record containing seven darksome jams infiltrating your mind instantly without asking. Seven turbulent LoudQuietLoud escapades dealing with sexual identity, eating disorders, endless directionlessness, escapism after disease, and cynicism turning into depression. I know, no songs about the birds and the bees.

These passionate noiseniks explore the human psyche and its accompanying soundtrack is electrifying, bewildering, and stupefying. You can file this topnotch debut LP easily next to Mogwai’s first head-spinning magnum opus Young Team. Cracking score, indeed!

Here’s why…