THE B-52’S Released Their Eponymous Amazeballs Debut LP 40 Years Ago…

5 July 2019

40 Years ago, on 6 July 1979 a totally weird looking combo out of Athens, Georgia called THE B-52’S released their amazing self-titled debut longplayer. A wacky mix of retro dance-pop and surfy funk twisted upside down and wrapped up brilliantly as the new chic back then and still sounding damn hip today! A solid gold masterpiece, a bona fide classic.

Rolling Stone wrote: “The debut by the B-52’s sounds like a bunch of high school friends cramming all their running jokes, goofy sounds and private nicknames into a New Wave
record. It turned out nobody could resist the band’s campy, arty funk, or the eccentric
squeals and bouffant hairdos of Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson…”

Turn Up The Volume’s selected highlights: Planet Claire / Rock Lobster and
Dance This Mess Around





Album in full…

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‘Rock Lobster’ By THE B-52’s – Released 40 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

15 April 2019

‘Rock Lobster’ by THE B-52’s

Today 40 years ago, on 15 April 1978 the then far-out funky looking band THE B-52’s
out of Athens, Georgia released their spaced out and eccentric single ‘ROCK LOBSTER’.
It was actually produced in two versions, one by DB Records (the one we’re talking about) and a longer version featured on the group’s kooky self-titled debut LP (1979) issued by Warner Bros. The single peaked at #56 in America but hit the top spot in Canada. Put your wig on, here we go…


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TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – The Self-Titled Classic Debut Longplayer by THE B-52’s…

Remarkable albums from the past…

‘The B-52’s by THE B-52’s
Released: 6 July 1979 – debut LP

BBC review: “By 1979 punk had gotten all grown-up. Metamorphosing into the bleaker, more serious genre of new wave, this was the dawn of the age of the long grey coat and European post-industrial chic. Therefore what a relief it was when along came the decidedly technicolour B-52’s (complete with the wayward apostrophe, grammar fans). And what an even greater surprise when, on their debut album, the band’s Dansette-style, dance-friendly pop blended perfectly with their retro new wave looks to create an all-time carefree classic.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: A solid gold masterpiece, an unquestionable classic.
Still sounding crazy and totally gaga today.

THREE TOP TRACKS: Planet Claire / Rock Lobster / Dance This Mess Around




Album in full…

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Messy dancers / R.I.P. Ricky Wilson (2nd from left)

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Dance To… THE B-52’S

Weekly firework to splinter Blue Mondays into a thousand pieces…


‘Rock Lobster’ by THE B-52’S


A brilliant golden oldie to dance this blue Monday away with. From their self-titled 1979
debut album here are THE B-52’S with the weirdly swirling, adventurous, crazy & flipped
ROCK LOBSTER. Already appeared as a 7″ single in April of 1978 reaching #56 in the US…

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