TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – The Self-Titled Classic Debut Longplayer by THE B-52’s…

Remarkable albums from the past…

‘The B-52’s by THE B-52’s
Released: 6 July 1979 – debut LP

BBC review: “By 1979 punk had gotten all grown-up. Metamorphosing into the bleaker, more serious genre of new wave, this was the dawn of the age of the long grey coat and European post-industrial chic. Therefore what a relief it was when along came the decidedly technicolour B-52’s (complete with the wayward apostrophe, grammar fans). And what an even greater surprise when, on their debut album, the band’s Dansette-style, dance-friendly pop blended perfectly with their retro new wave looks to create an all-time carefree classic.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: A solid gold masterpiece, an unquestionable classic.
Still sounding crazy and totally gaga today.

THREE TOP TRACKS: Planet Claire / Rock Lobster / Dance This Mess Around




Album in full…

THE B-52’s: Website – Facebook – All Albums

Messy dancers / R.I.P. Ricky Wilson (2nd from left)

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