FERAL FIVE Part Of An Ace Compilation Album To Help Indie Musicians In UK

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

9 March 2021

London’s dance floor fillers FERAL FIVE will hide for a while to work on their long-
awaited debut album. But first, their notable contribution to a massive compilation
record (81 tracks, 81 artists) to help UK musicians in these hard times, featured as
Album Of The Day on Turn Up The Volume last week. All info & music here.

Kat & Drew about their contribution, a meditation called ROLL WITH IT

“As the world prepares itself for a revolution of the heart, the Ferals know that all
you really need is love. The fabric of our connected societies depends on the Internet,
a medium used not only to transmit hate but also hope. Having had their fill of the
2020 doom merchants and conspiracy theorists, this Feral Five chill out track urges
the avoidance of doomscrolling for a better world where we just roll together.”

ROLL WITH IT resonates like one of their ecstatic techno shots slowed down,
stripped down, and shook down to a pondering vibration. Entrancing, magnetic
and calming. Get away from your computer and phone for some moments, enjoy
reality for a change and roll with the tape…

FERAL FIVE: Facebook

Roll with Feral Five…