Dream Away Melancholia – New Single ‘MISTAKES’ By Welsh Duo RUBBER VELVET

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

18 January 2021

Turn Up The Volume featured Welsh duo RUBBER VELVET several times before
and will keep on champion them in the future as long as they come up with
affecting dream-pop beauties. What they actually just did again with brand
new piece MISTAKES.

It’s a gripping and moony lullaby-like melody with ardent duo harmonies,
glimmering Kurt Vile guitars, frolic piano touches, and a close your eyes and
float away
chorus. Introspective, contemplative, and self-remedying. Greatly
composed too.

Sonic melancholia at its finest.

Tune in here…


(promo photo via FB Rubber Velvet)

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For NOVEMBER 2019…

Best eleven knockout tracks on repeat this past month…

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A swirling fusion of rhapsodic rippers and cool crackerjacks,
that activated our bloodstream and our limbs this past month!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout November Team!

1. ‘I’m The Man’ by JEHNNY BETH
Banging drums filled electro smack that makes you want to feel, not think…

2. ‘LA Vampire’ by BLITZ VEGA (UK)
A buzzing guitar-driven stunner with a glam touch, a dazzling chorus, and a vital roll.

3. ‘Falter’ by EMPTY FRIEND (London, UK)
A thunderous motherrocker of a jackhammer fulminating viciously like a voracious beast.

4. ‘Losing’ by BLACK MONSOON (The Netherlands)
A roaring steamroller fueled by maniacal riffs, weighty drums/bass, and raging vocals.

5. ‘Civilians’ by deux furieuses (London, UK)
One of the most poignant outbursts from their new album ‘My War Is Your War’

6. ‘Virgin Soul’ by WINDSHAKE (Swansea, UK)
A stomping ripper with a swaggering boogie-woogie blues groove. Hell yeah!

7. ‘Sonic Difference’ by RUBBER VELVET (Wales)
A guitar loaded stonker that glows and flames resistlessly, with an infectious chorus. Top!

8.’Hollow Spheres’ by TALKBOY (Leeds, UK)
Solid gold pop excellence reminding me of Arcade Fire‘s driving pithiness and vocal vivacity.

9. ‘Comfort Fools’ by RAVELLAS (Wigan, UK)
A hot-blooded and burning mid-tempo rocker with a monumental chorus to scream along.

10. ‘Electric Dreams of Tokyo’ by WHITE ELEPHANT ORCHESTRA (Los Angeles, US)
Swirling vibe, festive elation, ecstatic electro tune! Get up and shake your hips…

11. ‘Matador’ by THE HOWLERS (London, UK)
Flashing guitar-driven rocker with an overall spellbinding resonance. Flaming stroke!…

All 11 together on Spotify

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Welsh Amplified Popsters RUBBER VELVET Return With Sparkly Guitar Stroke ‘SONIC DIFFERENCE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

3 November 2019

After releasing two EPs, Rest In Vain last year and Little Wild early this year and
dreamy March single MINE TO OWN thrilling Welsh duo RUBBER VELVET returned
with a new addictive banger called ‘SONIC DIFFERNCE‘. It’s a guitar loaded stonker
that glows and flames resistlessly and when the infectious chorus kicks in you know
this is a five-star score you’ll have on repeat for a while.

Tune in and get hooked…


Welsh Duo RUBBER VELVET Reflects On New Hearftfelt Tracks ‘LITTLE WILD’ And ‘DUMB INTELLECT’…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week…

16 December 2018

Only formed last year this Welsh duo RUBBER VELVET made a considerable impression this summer with their emotive 5-track debut EP Rest In Vain and are now back with a
fresh two-track EP. LITTLE WILD and DUMB INTELLECT deal with personal, mixed up sentiments. Both wistful songs are reflective musings unveiling a melancholic sensibility strengthened by guitars that gently weep and the timbre of the crestfallen vocals. These are dimmed emotions matching these grey winter days. Catch the mood right here…

RUBBER VELVET: Facebook – Instagram

LITTLE WILD EP – out now – available via iTunes

From Wales Here’s RUBBER VELVET With Impressive Debut EP ‘REST IN VAIN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

28 August 2018

(photo via artist – press)


Who: An alt duo formed in Wales last year 2017.

Sound:A unique take on British rock music, incorporating elements from
the infamous ‘Madchester’ scene, London’s punk movement, electro-rock,
Britpop, shoegaze and American garage havoc.”

Influences: The Stone Roses, Pavement, Oasis, , Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr,
The Cure, Jesus and The Mary Chain, Sticky Fingers, The National, Basement,
Spacemen 3, Television, Tame Impala, Gorillaz and Bodega

Score: Here’s a highly motivated and inspiring 2-piece hitting bullseye with their
striking debut EP, entitled Rest In Vain. An overall imposing firstborn notable for
its darksome sentiments, yet infectiously groovy tone. Here are five songs of which
each one can stand on its own. Different moods, different colors, different beats.
From the gloomy rocker On The Run, mixing Sonic Youth and Interpol to – Turn Up
The Volume’s favorite cut
– the reflective swagger of the title track injected with poetic
The Cure guitars. Opener Ace Ventura is family of the latter, sounding – thankfully – nothing like Jim Carrey and impressive closer Deja Vu feels like a slo-mo The Jesus
and Mary Chain
momentum on their way back from a nightmarish trip and Dry
Up Your Mind
‘s mid-tempo bass timbre feels claustrophobic. Hats off! Top debut!
This fresh duo will draw, unquestionably, your sonic attention. Discover them here…

RUBBER VELVET: Facebook – Instagram

EP available via iTunes