Five New MUST-HEAR Longplayers Selected By TURN UP THE VOLUME!…

New longplayers that will have an impact on your ears and your speakers…

1/ ‘Endless Scroll’ by BODEGA (Brooklyn, New York, US)
These spiritual sons and daughters of jingle jangle junks Parquet Courts spit and sneer sharper, rougher and hookier than their older mentors do right now. They sound like if Talking Heads and Tom Verlaine’s Television were punks rather than new wavers. Long live young bands! Long live uncompromised debut albums! Long live shout and scream funk!

Stream/purchase here

Also available via iTunes

2/ ‘Night Swimming’ by DENTIST (Asbury Park, New Jersey, US)
Dentist is a DIY indie trio from the oceanfront urban landscape of Asbury Park in New Jersey. ‘Night Swimming’ is their third and definitely best LP (so far). An avalanche of amplified pop firecrackers. Electrifying strokes, from flaming earworms to romantic meditations with Emily Bornemann ‘s striking voice in the middle of the overall flamboyant guitar injected performances. The summer isn’t over yet. And here’s is its surfy and swinging soundtrack.

Stream/purchase here

Also available via iTunes

3/ ‘Tiiime’ by AH GOD (Portland, Oregon, US)
On first hearing I taught this LP was made by and for straitjacket patients. After two spins I was totally sure this LP was made by and for straitjacket patients. What you get is a mental melting pot of mind-twisting DIY distortion, stoner hullabaloo and brain-cracking havoc. Perfect sonic survival noise! And so much cheaper than those money-greedy psychiatrists.

Stream/purchase here

4/ ‘Jessica’s Brother’ by JESSICA’S BROTHER (London, UK)
The self-titled debut album by this London trio, led by singer/songwriter Tom Charleston is an overall triumph. Mixed emotions wrapped in alt Americana like song structures. From amplified balladry (Humdinger) to ramshackle rock (Overnight Horror). Passionate intensity for heart & soul reminding me of Neil Young‘s pitch-black masterpiece ‘Tonight’s The Night‘.

Stream/purchase here

Also available via iTunes

5/ ‘Shivelight’ by MISHAPED PEARLS (London, UK)
I just discovered this highly compelling folk/roots/world-music album, released last
May, only a couple of days ago. What an impressive find! Different moods, different
colors, different sonic visions and different spiritual voices. From poppy to psychedelic.
From elevating to reflective. From adventurous Kate Bush moments to chill out Broken
Social Scene
sentiments. A truly captivating record with several shiny pearls. Arresting!

Stream here

Available via Bandcamp

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