EXPLODED VIEW Shares New Track From Sophomore Album – Here’s ‘SLEEPERS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

1 August 2018

(pic by Turn Up The Volume!)

Two years ago Mexico based 3-piece EXPLODED VIEW led by the enigmatic Annika Henderson scored with their fascinating self-titled debut LP. With its awkward pop structures, psychotropic rhythms, claustrophobic vibes and Henderson‘s bewitching
vox the band takes you on an enthralling trip, on record as well as live as yours truly experienced last May in Brussels (review here). A couple of weeks ago they announced
that their sophomore album, titled OBEY will hit the streets in September. Ahead of it here’s SLEEPERS. Another dark and illusory trip accompanied by the trio’s message:

“Break free and fly above the clouds outside the lines that we were told were good for us.
Free yourself from your own prison. Remove the shackles of fear to find that the unknown
is not so scary and can be full of precious discoveries (sometimes only possible during sleep).
A constant trip comes to an abrupt and unresolved ending with the collapse and eerie shriek
of the Arp Solina.

Join Exploded View‘s profound quest right here…

EXPLODED VIEW: Debut LP on Bandcamp – Facebook – Instagram

Second album OBEY out 28 September. Info and pre-order facilities on Bandcamp

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