EXPLODED VIEW Challenges Your Subconsciousness With New Enigmatic Album… ‘OBEY’

28 September 2018

EXPLODED VIEW, the self-willed international ensemble led by the puzzling singer-
songwriter Annika Henderson, already made a lasting impact with their highly praised
self-titled debut album two years ago and are now back to mystify your sense of being even more. From the twilight lullaby opener onwards you enter their unreal sonic world
as designed on their new, second longplayer, entitled ‘OBEY. After the intro you drift into darksome ballad ‘Open Road‘ until ‘Dark Stains‘, with ‘Come On Honey‘ one of the most explosive songs on the fresh LP, jumps at you like a serpent. Suddenly and firmly.

By now you fully realize what’s really going on. Henderson is already walking around in your head looking for closed doors to open, looking to challenge your subconsciousness just the way mindfucker David Lynch loves to make you believe you’re on the verge of insanity with his nightmarish movies. Absolutely! That’s how Henderson‘s haunting and hunting vox captures your awareness, that’s how the whole hallucinatory orchestration vibrates like. At times (Sleepers / Letting Go of Childhood) it’s like if all instruments at play follow their own path before joining each other somewhere along the line, organically
and mysteriously. Obey is a perplexing and bewildering adventure. An enigmatic trip
from beginning to end. When the electro-droning closer ‘Rant‘ hit me for the first time
I still had no clue where I actually was, so I restarted the record instantly to find out.
That is what ‘Obey‘ does to you. It puts a ghostly spell on you. You just can’t escape. Exploded View‘s world is one of psychotherapeutic magic and seducing illusions.

Well, that’s my personal, ongoing, confused experience since the album was released yesterday. Discover the fascinating odyssey for yourself. Believe me, it’s much cheaper
and absolutely more effective than visiting your money-greedy shrink…

OBEY available via Sacred Bones  and Bandcamp or iTunes 

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EXPLODED VIEW’s Brand New Track ‘DARK STAINS’ Resonates Like Dark Twisted Disco Pop…

Brand new sonic impulses

13 September 2018

International 3-piece EXPLODED VIEW led by the puzzling, Berlin-based Annika Henderson will launch sophomore album, titled OBEY on 28th September. Ahead of its release, the band shared another new, spectacular track called DARK STAINS

It’s “a song about a body who sees in themselves the errors of the past, yet flaunts behind the veils of inheritance and fails to take full responsibility for the present. To what extent can we break the cycles, repetitive patterns deep engrained, that we were born with? Can we trust to
be protected by the cotton beds that we were blessed with? Or restricted forever more by the ceilings that we came to earth beneath?”
explains and wonders Henderson.

To Turn Up The Volume‘s ears DARK STAINS is EXPLODED VIEW‘s best performance so far. A truly booming dance knockout. Its ongoing menacing and eurhythmic vibrancy is simply irresistible and will put a spell on your senses. It resonates like dark twisted disco pop for lost and troubled souls. Feel the recalcitrant and enticing beat right here…

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Second album OBEY out 28 September. Info and pre-order facilities on Bandcamp

(photo on top by Turn Up The Volume! – Brussels 2018)

EXPLODED VIEW Shares New Track From Sophomore Album – Here’s ‘SLEEPERS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

1 August 2018

(pic by Turn Up The Volume!)

Two years ago Mexico based 3-piece EXPLODED VIEW led by the enigmatic Annika Henderson scored with their fascinating self-titled debut LP. With its awkward pop structures, psychotropic rhythms, claustrophobic vibes and Henderson‘s bewitching
vox the band takes you on an enthralling trip, on record as well as live as yours truly experienced last May in Brussels (review here). A couple of weeks ago they announced
that their sophomore album, titled OBEY will hit the streets in September. Ahead of it here’s SLEEPERS. Another dark and illusory trip accompanied by the trio’s message:

“Break free and fly above the clouds outside the lines that we were told were good for us.
Free yourself from your own prison. Remove the shackles of fear to find that the unknown
is not so scary and can be full of precious discoveries (sometimes only possible during sleep).
A constant trip comes to an abrupt and unresolved ending with the collapse and eerie shriek
of the Arp Solina.

Join Exploded View‘s profound quest right here…

EXPLODED VIEW: Debut LP on Bandcamp – Facebook – Instagram

Second album OBEY out 28 September. Info and pre-order facilities on Bandcamp