EXPLODED VIEW’s Magnetizing Frontwoman ANNIKA HENDERSON Puts A Spell On Brussels…

EXPLODED VIEW – Brass club, Vorst, Brussels – 30 May 2018

Mexico based quartet EXPLODED VIEW scored one of the boldest & most intriguing albums of 2016 with their self-titled debut LP. A puzzling collection of darksome pop
songs with awkward structures, psychotropic rhythms and claustrophobic vibes. An audacious record revealing new sonic secrets with every spin. Yesterday the quartet
played Belgium again, this time in Vorst, Brussels. It’s almost impossible not to look
the whole concert to charismatic German frontwoman Annika Henderson aka Anika.

Her staring eyes have a spellbinding effect! She has Bette Davis‘ eyes! Mysterious,
ominous and truly hypnotic! A natural-born femme fatale who almost whispers
the darksome songs, therefore adding some more enigma to the curious picture.
At times I wondered what was exactly going on in her mind. No way to figure that
out. Her seductive presence is a closed book. Fatally attractive and unfathomable,
but at the same the perfect vocalist for Exploded View‘s adventurous and contrary approach to pop-ular music. Enthralling band, mind-affecting sound and a totally
mesmerizing frontwoman with a magnetic vox. Special! Like listening to a David
movie. If you never heard of them here’s ‘Summer Came Early’, a tempting
musing from their same-titled 2017 EP…

EXPLODED VIEW‘s debut in full…

Picture this

Bette Davis’ eyes

Spellbinding presence

Entrancing view

EXPLODED VIEW: ‘Summer Came Early’ EP on Bandcamp – Facebook – Instagram

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