The 10 Best Songs Of 2020 According To British Music Website NME

British music website NME – New Musical Express – has published
its list of 50 best songs of 2020. Here’s the Top 10

“Dangerously horny in a way that speaks directly to the casual sex bans of the lockdown
age, ‘WAP’ was the titan track that drenched the entire year. Bring a bucket and a mop.”

2. ‘Physical’ by DUA LUPA
“Inspired by Flashdance, it was an unrelenting riot of spoken-word pre-choruses and
euphoric gold-plated hooks that hit like a bosh of industrial-strength poppers.”

3. ‘Grounds’ by IDLES
This was the Bristol band’s barbed missive to the doubters, detractors and backbiters,
a future-punk stomper that saw them team a lithe, scything riff and crunching electronics with stinging putdowns.”

4. ‘Black Dog’ by ARLO PARKS
“In a year where isolation and uncertainty have affected us all, ‘Black Dog’ was the kind of song to spark all kinds of life-saving conversations or, at the very least, lend a hand of comfort to those who know all too well what it’s like to have darkness nipping at your heels.”

5. ‘Lifetime’ by ROMY
“A burst of near-ridiculous Eurodance camp-pop abandon, it was entirely at odds with any preconceptions of Croft you might have had and the lonely confines of lockdown it was written in.”

“Recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La studios, ‘JU$T’’s searing critique of capitalism, crime and social injustice in the US over El-P’s bouncing and Neptunes-nodding beat made for a classic RTJ composition.”

“The thrill of Rina Sawayama’s ‘XS’ wasn’t just its roaring maximalism, which paired
raucous nu-metal influences with glossy R&B pop, but how profoundly audacious it was.”

8. ‘The Last Great American Dynasty’ by TAYLOR SWIFT
“It’s an astonishing song: one that fuses witty lyricism with megawatt hooks, and
a reminder that Taylor Swift is an artist who should never be underestimated.”

9. ‘I Know The End’ by PHOEBE BRIDGERS
“It was an epic cacophony; musing on the apocalypse while boasting the singer’s delicate, calm and reflective side before blossoming into the biggest thing she’s ever done.”

10. ‘Bad Decisions’ by THE STROKES
‘Bad Decisions’ was destined to join the ranks of ‘Reptilia’-level bangers: a simple singalong with a solid riff, welcoming back the good times for a band who’ve been through so much strife.”

The full best of 2020 list here.


Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

‘Pantomine’ by BLACK MONSOON (The Netherlands)
Before unleashing their debut album ‘Pantomine‘ soon, this high-energy trio boosts your bluesy pandemic mood with the heated, eponymous single. A 24-Carat stunner with the ghost of Kurt Cobain on vocals. Jump out of your lazy couch, push your furniture aside,
and rock your socks off on a string…

‘So To Speak’ by BLUE STATUE (North London)
‘A surreal stop motion drama’ says the band. Sonically you get an ongoing groove driven by electrically powered guitars à la Dinosaur Jr. and a firm beat while impassioned vocals add an urgent feel. This cracker is part of an A-double side. Listen also to fired-up jackhammer V.F. right here.

‘Realize’ by AC/DC (Australia)
Riff, bang, riff, bang, riff, bang. AC/DC is unbeatable when you’re in the mood for some mindless headbanging and high-voltage rock. Riff, bang, riff, bang, riff, bang. Power Up!

Forgotten Places, Forgotten People‘ by MIRROR OF HAZE (Norway)
A darkwave daydream with a glossy radiation. Expect electrifying melodiousness with glimmering Cure-esque guitar echoes and a melancholic resonance. This is head-in-the-clouds music for reflecting moments on a winter day. Close your eyes, travel to a faraway, forgotten place and forget your sorrows…

‘No Save Point’ by RUN THE JEWELS
No rest for the wicked. Run The Jewels rap and roar again with their contribution to the soundtrack of Cyberpunk 2077 under the moniker of Yankee & The Brave. Put your golden neck chains on and pretend you won the Presidential US elections.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

RUN THE JEWELS Share Clip For Their Attack On Greedy Capitalism Rap ‘OOH LA LA’

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

27 April 2020

Last month the mega-popular rap kings RUN THE JEWELSKiller Mike and El-P – dropped two new tracks, ‘THE YANKEE AND THE BRAVE’ and ‘OOH LA LA’ featuring Greg Nice and
DJ Premier. And today they shared a video clip for ‘Ooh La La‘, in which they set massive piles of cash on fire and start a line-dance in the middle of it all. To hell with capitalism!

Move your ass right here…