Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

‘Pantomine’ by BLACK MONSOON (The Netherlands)
Before unleashing their debut album ‘Pantomine‘ soon, this high-energy trio boosts your bluesy pandemic mood with the heated, eponymous single. A 24-Carat stunner with the ghost of Kurt Cobain on vocals. Jump out of your lazy couch, push your furniture aside,
and rock your socks off on a string…

‘So To Speak’ by BLUE STATUE (North London)
‘A surreal stop motion drama’ says the band. Sonically you get an ongoing groove driven by electrically powered guitars à la Dinosaur Jr. and a firm beat while impassioned vocals add an urgent feel. This cracker is part of an A-double side. Listen also to fired-up jackhammer V.F. right here.

‘Realize’ by AC/DC (Australia)
Riff, bang, riff, bang, riff, bang. AC/DC is unbeatable when you’re in the mood for some mindless headbanging and high-voltage rock. Riff, bang, riff, bang, riff, bang. Power Up!

Forgotten Places, Forgotten People‘ by MIRROR OF HAZE (Norway)
A darkwave daydream with a glossy radiation. Expect electrifying melodiousness with glimmering Cure-esque guitar echoes and a melancholic resonance. This is head-in-the-clouds music for reflecting moments on a winter day. Close your eyes, travel to a faraway, forgotten place and forget your sorrows…

‘No Save Point’ by RUN THE JEWELS
No rest for the wicked. Run The Jewels rap and roar again with their contribution to the soundtrack of Cyberpunk 2077 under the moniker of Yankee & The Brave. Put your golden neck chains on and pretend you won the Presidential US elections.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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