Five Firecrackers To Stay On Track… In The Weekend

17 July 2021

‘I’m Only Talking’ by MEWN (Manchester)

Frontman Daniel Bluer: “It is long but I think it does a lot with that time, it’s fully realised. Lyrically I just tried to mirror the emotion I felt from the sound, the way it felt to me. I think
I have tried to express loss, defiance and a melancholy that has some joy mixed in with it,
which personally feel like it always does.”

This is what epicness is all about. An experience that makes you feel out-of-your-daily-mind, an experience that makes you forget anything and everybody except for what’s going on in your headphones. Melodrama, heartache, despair, and tears. It’s all part of human nature, as we know it. Throwing in melancholic Interpol guitars and a Verve-esque sentimentally lifts this song to a cry-your-heart-out anthem. Ignore the machos.

Just listen and feel…

‘Big Appetite’ by LIARS (Australia)

Wayward as we know Liars for years now, meaning: wayward as we know them
for years now. From upcoming album The Apple Drop, their 10th, out 6 August.

Eat here…

‘I Am A Situation’ by AUTOGRAMM (Chicago)

This synth-Krautrock-like jam grooves and moves under your skin from the kick-off, without asking. Again, the hypnotic force of sonic repetition proves its trance-inducing effect. You want this situation to continue, on and on. From the band’s Rules album.

Press the repeat button…

‘Transparent Love’ by SUPER SPACE NATION (Los Angeles)

These Los Angeles power pop-punks are “on a mission to fight toxic masculinity in the rock scene.” Their new electrifying cracker is about “taking full accountability for one’s actions and communication in relationships.” Damn right. Be who you are, but respect others. That’s the only way to keep this troubled world going. And don’t forget to rock your ass off.

Right here, right now

‘Lover Baby’ by THE DILL (Canada)

Be ready for some funky monkey business. Get up, stand up and make your move while savoring the moment. Don’t worry be happy. Have yourself a careless I’ll-see-what-happens moment and have your head floating in the clouds. Listen up: “Sometimes we need to just
go for a walk and dance down the street for the hell of it – taking the piss out of life.”

Tune in and go apeshit…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…


Fuel to boost your favorite 48 hours…

1. ‘Elasticity’ by SERJ TANKIAN (US)
The ringleader of System Of A Down is going to make our ears tremble with a solo EP
out in March. This roller coaster lead-single was written for the band. But as the pandemic made studio contact impossible Serj decided to give a go himself. Four more to follow.

Bang your head here…

2. ‘Year Of The Horse’ by FUCKED UP (Canada)
Were you waiting for these Toronto rebels? Well, here they are with a new 19-minute (!) stunner. It goes loud and quiet, slow and fast, intimidating and relaxing, Totally fucked-up. From a new 4-track EP released yesterday. More info on Bandcamp .

Press play to start the mind-twisting escapade…

3. ‘Marionette’ by RICH RAGANY AND THE DIGRESSION (London)
This flaming belter could have been a fired-up Tom Petty cracker. Rockin’ and rollin’,
movin’ and groovin’. A perfect radio song. It’s the lead-single from their upcoming LP ‘Beyond Nostalgia And Heartache‘, out in April.

Tune in right here…

4. ‘Save Us From The Tory Scum’ by THE REV. JONNY KINKAID (Bristol, UK)
Breaking news: this is the brand new British National Anthem! To hell with God
Save The Queen
, here’s Jonny and his crystal clear Fuck You Tory Scum tribute!

Rise and sing with your two middle fingers in the air…

5. ‘Pukebox’ by PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS (Perth, Aus)
The psych-o-delic stormer and boiling key single from the Aussies
new album SHYGA! THE SUNLIGHT MOUND, out today.

Let’s roll


Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

‘Pantomine’ by BLACK MONSOON (The Netherlands)
Before unleashing their debut album ‘Pantomine‘ soon, this high-energy trio boosts your bluesy pandemic mood with the heated, eponymous single. A 24-Carat stunner with the ghost of Kurt Cobain on vocals. Jump out of your lazy couch, push your furniture aside,
and rock your socks off on a string…

‘So To Speak’ by BLUE STATUE (North London)
‘A surreal stop motion drama’ says the band. Sonically you get an ongoing groove driven by electrically powered guitars à la Dinosaur Jr. and a firm beat while impassioned vocals add an urgent feel. This cracker is part of an A-double side. Listen also to fired-up jackhammer V.F. right here.

‘Realize’ by AC/DC (Australia)
Riff, bang, riff, bang, riff, bang. AC/DC is unbeatable when you’re in the mood for some mindless headbanging and high-voltage rock. Riff, bang, riff, bang, riff, bang. Power Up!

Forgotten Places, Forgotten People‘ by MIRROR OF HAZE (Norway)
A darkwave daydream with a glossy radiation. Expect electrifying melodiousness with glimmering Cure-esque guitar echoes and a melancholic resonance. This is head-in-the-clouds music for reflecting moments on a winter day. Close your eyes, travel to a faraway, forgotten place and forget your sorrows…

‘No Save Point’ by RUN THE JEWELS
No rest for the wicked. Run The Jewels rap and roar again with their contribution to the soundtrack of Cyberpunk 2077 under the moniker of Yankee & The Brave. Put your golden neck chains on and pretend you won the Presidential US elections.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Five Fervent Firecrackers – STAY ON TRACK IN THE WEEKEND…

7 August / 9 August 2020…

Five new firecrackers to fuel your weekend…

1. ‘You Say’ by Madame So (Paris-born, London-based)
A middle finger to all hostile killjoys out there. Kicking off with a powered guitar riff,
soon followed by Madame So‘s vox hitting the roof with the titanic You Say chorus.

2. ‘Violent Sun’ by EVERYTHING EVERYTHING (Manchester/London)
A terrifically swirling stomper with a last chance message, so don’t
hesitate to get up and dance like Doomsday is just around the corner.

3. ‘Spanish Bombs’ by HINDS (Madrid, Spain)
“As Spaniards, we don’t usually get shout-outs in songs, like New York or London,
so the Clash writing a song about our civil war made us feel honored.”

4. ‘Something More’ by ROISIN MURPHY (London, UK)
Sensual dance diva returns with “a swan-song to how we once lived. There’s plenty of
bravado in the lyrics and the character is a kind of antihero but the indefinable yearning
and the feeling of arriving at a point of emptiness is universal right now!”.

5. ‘Club Zero‘ by GO GO’S (Los Angeles)
Out of the blue, the legendary power-pop punkettes, led by Belinda Carlisle, formed in L.A. in 1978, surprise us with their first new song in nearly 20 years. The new cut’s copacetic catchiness and vitalizing joyfulness put a big smile on your face. Welcome back, ladies.

See/hear you next week, music junkies

I Know It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But It’s… WEEKEND!

31 July / 2 August 2020…

Five new firecrackers to fuel your weekend…

1. ‘We Are Chaos’ by MARILYN MANSON
The God Of Fuck is back with a fitting statement about these surreal times…

2. ‘My Wanderings In The Weary Land’ by THE WATERBOYS
A tense and passion-driven stunner. Mick Scott still delivers notable goods…

3. ‘Dispatches From The Gutter’ by UNIFORM
A schizophrenic highway to hell drone with singer Michael Berdan screaming his lungs out.

4. ‘Police On My Back’ by BILLIE JOE AMSTRONG
Crystal clear ‘Police On My Back‘ cover of 60s hit by British band The Equals.

5. ‘Charlie Patton Highway (Turn it Up, Pt. 1)’ by ROBERT PLANT
Growing old in grand groovin’ style. Previously unreleased track
from upcoming album Band Of Joy Vol 2.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

I Know It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But It’s… WEEKEND!

24-26 July 2020

Five firecrackers from the past week to boost your weekend…

1. ‘A Boat To Drown In’ by METZ (Canada)
Storming steamroller turning into a trance-like juggernaut halfway.
New album Atlas Vending out 9 October. Pre-order facilities here.

2. ‘…But I’m Tryin’ Hard’ by SHEHEHE (Athens, Georgia)
Red-hot-blooded and supersonic uppercut. A ball-breaker to gaga to…

3. ‘Forever Starts Now’
Electrifying ripper from new Andy Gill tribute EP Anti Hero

4. ‘Police On My Back’ by BILLIE JOE AMSTRONG (US)
Green Day‘s captain recorded robust version of classic hit by 60s beat band The Equals

5. ‘We Share The Same Stars’ by THE SEA AT MIDNIGHT (Los Angeles)
Dazzling the cure waves driven by twilight guitars, propelled by a relentless drum/bass beat, spiced with sparkling synths and a heart-to-heart vox completing the dark picture

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

I Know It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But It’s… WEEKEND!

18/19 July 2020…

Five firecrackers from the past week to fuel your weekend…

1. ‘Honey’ by KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD (Australia)
24/7 psych-rockers keep on delivering the goods…

2. ‘A Hymn’ by IDLES (Bristol, UK)
The awesome punks are on their way to dominate the end-of-the-year-lists…

4. ‘Forecast Of Rain’ by BOB MOULD
Anger and energy drives Mould to blazing rippers like this…

4. ‘Planet Caravan’ by MOON DUO (San Francisco)


5. ‘Cookie Scene’ by THE GO TEAM! (Brighton, UK)
Sunlit summer rap fun…

See/hear you next weekend, music junkies…

I Know It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But It’s… WEEKEND!

11/12 July 2020…

Five firecrackers from the past week to fuel your weekend…

A red-hot-blooded metal crackerjack with Biafra doing what he does best, spitting and sneering to ventilate his deep-rooted anger versus the hypocrite USA government.

Fuck Trump

2. ‘Playing Nero’MARK LANEGAN song remixed by IYEARA
Mark Lanegan joined forces with British electro trio IYEARA to remix his
2019 longplayer Somebody’s Knocking. The album will be out on 21 August.
Here’s haunting taster ‘Playing Nero’.

Press play…

3. ‘Shot A Satellite’ by ERASURE
Vince Clarke (ex-Depeche Mode and Yazoo) and singer Andy Bell dropped a second electro disco banger from their upcoming 18th album called The Neon, out next month.

Dance here…

4. ‘Criss Cross’ by THE ROLLING STONES
Previously unreleased track from the upcoming deluxe edition of 1973 longplayer
Goat Heads Soup
. A vintage riff crazy Stones knockout. Never too old to rock’ n’ roll.

Get yer ya-ya‘s here…

5. ‘Valentine’ by TRAVIS
An electrical groove that gets slowly but surely under your skin. Both captivating and moody. Travis still have catching power-pop excitement to offer. LP 10 SONGS out soon.

Tune in…