I Know It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But It’s… WEEKEND!

11/12 July 2020…

Five firecrackers from the past week to fuel your weekend…

A red-hot-blooded metal crackerjack with Biafra doing what he does best, spitting and sneering to ventilate his deep-rooted anger versus the hypocrite USA government.

Fuck Trump

2. ‘Playing Nero’MARK LANEGAN song remixed by IYEARA
Mark Lanegan joined forces with British electro trio IYEARA to remix his
2019 longplayer Somebody’s Knocking. The album will be out on 21 August.
Here’s haunting taster ‘Playing Nero’.

Press play…

3. ‘Shot A Satellite’ by ERASURE
Vince Clarke (ex-Depeche Mode and Yazoo) and singer Andy Bell dropped a second electro disco banger from their upcoming 18th album called The Neon, out next month.

Dance here…

4. ‘Criss Cross’ by THE ROLLING STONES
Previously unreleased track from the upcoming deluxe edition of 1973 longplayer
Goat Heads Soup
. A vintage riff crazy Stones knockout. Never too old to rock’ n’ roll.

Get yer ya-ya‘s here…

5. ‘Valentine’ by TRAVIS
An electrical groove that gets slowly but surely under your skin. Both captivating and moody. Travis still have catching power-pop excitement to offer. LP 10 SONGS out soon.

Tune in…

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