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Band: Mark Lanegan Band
Album: Somebody’s Knocking
Released: 18 October 2019
Sound: Mark Lanegan looked at the world and saw, like (almost) all of us that we experience dangerous and explosive times. As an artist Lanegan translated his disbelief, anger and silent hope into a bewitching collection of impressive songs that hits bullseye
on many levels. Remarkable artist with another remarkable achievement.

Stream album here…






MARK LANEGAN Shares Another Sticky Track From His New Album – Here’s ‘NIGHT FLIGHT TO KABUL’…

Brand new sonic impulses

27 August 2019

MARK LANEGAN announced a new LP with his band, titled SOMEBODY’S KNOCKING, already some time ago. It will be out next October. We already got three tracks, rollin’ cracker ‘Stitch It Up’, compelling synth driven ballad ‘Playing Nero’ and rocker ‘Letter Never Sent’.

And here’s track number four. ‘NIGHT FLIGHT TO KABUL’ is another uptempo cut
with a catching chorus that will spoil your ears instantly. Hear it here…


New album SOMEBODY’S KNOCKING out 18th October – more info here

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For JULY 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A tasty cocktail of roaring rippers and sassy strokes.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout July Team!

1. ‘Letter Never Sent’ by MARK LANEGAN BAND (Washington, US)
The man’s vox never sounded so bright, so un-dark and peppy. This is a swirling
score from his band’s upcoming album ‘Somebody’s Knocking‘, out in October.

2. ‘Better To Know’ by PALM GHOSTS (Nahville, US)
Driving beat, exuberant flow, sparky guitars, punchy chorus. Guitar pop at its very best.

3. ‘Repetition’ by RIDE (UK)
A sickly sticky groover from the shoegaze heroes’ new album ‘This Is Not A Safe Place’.

4. ‘Wizard’ by BATZ (Melbourne, AUS)
Bang-up crackerjack with an instant impact that will make you dance your ass off! Hot hit!

5. ‘Year Of Rage’ by deux furieuses (London, UK)
Open windows & doors, turn up the decibels and play this thumping manifesto LOUD!

6. ‘Too Much Money’ by AUTOMATIC (L.A., CA, US)
This ongoing addictive ripper cuts like a Swiss knife. Speedy, magnetic and puzzling. Bingo!

7. ‘She’s Fine’ by THE RED FUZE (Sweden)
From the get-go this infectious corker will infiltrate your inner stereo system. Stellar drive.

8. ‘Let It Out’ by KATH & THE KICKS (Leeds, UK)
Pounding panache, exotic sounding strings & vibrant chorus. Result: irresistible swagger!

9. ‘Stay High’ by BRITTANY HOWARD (Athens, Alabama, US)
A glowing tribute to her father. From the modern queen of soul’s upcoming solo LP Jaime’

10. ‘The Highway Again’ by REMINGTON SUPER 60 (Norway)
Sonic daydream bringing VU and Stereolab‘s moony moments to mind. Starry-eyed beauty!

11. ‘Sleepwalk Reverie’ by JINDALEE (Toronto, Canada)
A soothing, soulful and sensuous electronic beauty. Tempting and alluring musing. Top!

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

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FOURTEEN KNOCKOUTS! On-Repeat-In-May-2017…

Fourteen knockouts I played on repeat in May!
A stellar mix of groovy vibes and electric havoc
that energized all my senses this past month!
Turn up the volume! Here is the sonic dope…

1/ ‘Sissy Fists’ by QUEEN ZEE AND THE SASSTONES (Liverpool, England)
Wicked band name, mental look and a crushing debut single! Ace stuff!

2/ ‘Governed By Contagions’ by AT THE DRIVE IN (El Paso, Texas, US)
Red-hot post punks back with a stream of adrenaline…
New album: ‘in•ter a•li•a’ – stream here

3/ ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’ by ROYAL BLOOD (Brighton, England)
Two men army on a mission to break down the wall-of-sound…
New album: ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ – out 16 June – details here

4/ ‘LC Over Lithuania’ by GRUPPI DI PAWLOWSKI (Antwerp, Belgium)
Dark and loud side of multi-faced musician Mauro Pawlowski is back…
New album: In Inhuman Hands‘ – discover the madness here

5/ ‘Beehive‘ by MARK LANEGAN BAND (Washington, US)
Mark Lanegan still – three decades into his career – causes sonic goosebumps!…
New album: Gargoyle‘ – enjoy here

6/ ‘Little Boy Blue’ by MILLIONAIRE (Belgium)
Eccentric artist Tim Van Hamel & Millionaire return after 12 years and groove like hell…
New album:Sciencing‘ – experience it here

7/ ‘Oo La La’ by BETH DITTO (Arkansas, US)
Non-stop party time with the ex-Gossip frontwoman…
Album:Fake Sugar‘ – out 16 June – details here

8/ ‘Get High (No, I Don’t) by MAXIMO PARK (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England)
Highly catchy rocker that will vitalize your limbs from start to finish…
New album: ‘Risk To Exist’ – stream here

9/ ‘School Me’ by THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Schizophrenic outburst of manic psychedelia – ‘Close the door and turn up the music…’
Debut album:Transgressors’ – catch it here on Bandcamp

10/ ‘Captain’s Dead’ by THE COATHANGERS (Atlanta, Georgia, US)
Amplified garage pop electricity that will excite your body & soul instantly…
New EP: ‘Parasite‘ – play it loud here on Bandcamp

11/ ‘Riff’ by TOTTY (Wollongong, NSW, Australia)
Grunge-fueled stroke with a vibrant flow, energetic vocals and an overall catchy vibe…

12/ ‘Frankie’ by THE COURTNEYS (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Vivacious and irresistible garage pop earworm that sticks after one play…
New album: ‘II’ – jump to it here on Bandcamp

13/ ‘If Before I Wake’ by THE DISTRICTS (Lititz, Pennsylvania, US)
Enthralling and emotional epicness. Welcome back…
New album:Popular Manipulations‘ – out via Fat Possum Records on 11 August

14/ ‘Temporal’ by LAS COBRAS (Canelones Department, Uruguay)
Chill out with this fascinating, psychedelic trance trip…
Debut album:Temporal’ – capture the whole journey here on Bandcamp

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

SEVENTEEN KNOCKOUTS! On-Repeat-February-2017


Seventeen knockouts I played on repeat in February
A melting pot of irresistible vibes & steamy havoc
that vitalized my sonic bloodstream this month
Turn up the volume! Here is the sonic dope…

1/ ‘Currency’ by THE BLACK ANGELS (USA)
Electrifying roller coaster from forthcoming new LP ‘The Death Song’ – out April 21…

2/ ‘Always Sad’ by THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN (Scotland)
Amplified sugar sweet boys/girls cut from new album ‘Damage And Joy‘ – out 24 March…

3/ ‘Thick Girls Knock Me Out (Richard Starkey) by THE DANDY WARHOLS (US)
New high-voltage garage cracker from the imperishable groove experts…

4/ ‘Bodies For Money’ by GNOD (UK)
Krautdrone rockers with a LOUD and CLEAR message from new mini-album titled – take a deep breath: ‘Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine’ – out 31 March – check Bandcamp for details

5/’Ignorecam’ by PISSED JEANS (USA)
Nasty sledgehammer from their brand new album ‘Why Now Love’ – out now via Sub Pop

6/ ‘No Lives Matter’ by BODY COUNT (USA)
ICE-T’s gang returns with metal rap headbutt that matters. New LP ‘Bloodlust’ 31 March

7/ ‘Hit The Bottle’ by THE PEARL HARTS (UK)
New single from debut longplayer is a red-hot steamroller – more info on the album here

8/ ‘Nocturne’ by MARK LANEGAN BAND (USA)
Highly striking stroke from new LP ‘Gargoyle’ – out 28 April via Heavenly

9/ ‘Can I Sit Next To You’ by SPOON (USA)
Mighty funky score from upcoming album ‘Hot Thoughts‘ – out 17 March…

10/ ‘Alabaster’ by ALL THEM WITCHES (USA)
Hypnotizing voodoo blues jam from fresh album ‘Sleeping Through The War‘…

11/ ‘Laure Lee’ by THE BESNARD LAKES (Canada)
Slow moving psychedelic wave to get completely lost in – from the quintet’s new EP…

12/ ‘Down’ by BLACKWATERS (UK)
Pumped-up punk rock havoc you can scream along to until the roof comes down…

13/ ‘In My Head’ by LOOKAPONY (The Netherlands)
Magnetizing psych jam that will mess up your head – from new album ‘Ha-Satan’

14/ ‘Peckham Boys’ by TANGERINES (UK)
Riff electricity with a Velvet Underground twist – debut LP ‘Into The Flophouse‘ out 12 May

15/ ‘Because Of You’ by THE MAN FROM MANAGRA (Greece)
Atmospheric trip with an irresistible, repetitive drive from new LP ‘Half A Century Sun‘

16/ ‘Trauma’ by FOXYGEN (USA)
Eccentric duo back with bombastic retro splendor on brand new longplayer ‘Hang’

17/ ‘Sunrise (Eyes Of The Young)’ by FLAMING LIPS (USA)
Melancholic & gripping beauty from new gloomy album ‘Oczy Mlody‘…


See/hear you next month, music junkies…

MARK LANEGAN BAND – Back With Striking Single ‘NOCTURNE’ From Upcoming Album…

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…




Eternal troubadour MARK LANEGAN and his band will release new album GARGOYLE
on 28th April via Heavenly Recordings. All details here. The 10-track LP features guest appearances from long-time collaborators Josh Homme, Greg Dulli and Duke Garwood.

In a press message Lanegan says about the new record: “I definitely feel like I’m a better songwriting than I was 15 years ago. I don’t know if I’m just kidding myself or what, but it’s definitely easier now to make something that is satisfying to me. Maybe I’m just easier on myself these days, but it’s definitely not as painful a process, and therefore I feel I’m better at it now. But part of the way that I stay interested in making music is by collaborating with other people. When I see things through somebody else’s perspective it’s more exciting than if I’m left to my own devices.”

Here’s first stunning single NOCTURNE

MARK LANEGAN BAND: Facebook – Website

New LP ‘Gargoyle’ out 28th April…



Daydreaming before my PC screen my brain was just looking for a ‘Track Of The Day’ while Mark Lanegan Band was barking on the stereo in the back. No need to look further. Also I saw The Man playing live in Belgium last month. He still is the darkest blues rock crooner of all time. On ‘Sad Lover’ Lanegan turns up the speed. This mighty buzzing killer track was originally released on his 2014 vinyl-only EP ‘No Bells On Sunday’. The EP was later added as a bonus-cd to his most recent and excellent ‘Phantom Radio’ album.
Let’s Roll !…

Website – Facebook – Twitter


Barking in Belgium last month…


(Concert pics: Turn Up The Volume!)