Post-Punk At Its Disturbed Best – Here’s Belgian Outfit RONKER With Their Intense Cry-Out ‘SHAME’

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29 January 2023

Who: Poignant 4-piece
from Belgium.

Pick: SHAME Their newest single.
Part of an upcoming EP, out in April.

TUTV: The distress of English outfit The Murder Capital and the anger
of American hardcore bulldozer Fucked Up. Oh yes, intense, indeed.

Shame is a sharp-cutting razor blade. A severe cry-out that you expect to erupt
any second. The vocalist’s pipes sound creepy and desperate. Flipped-out guitars,
a manic drum/bass tandem, and an ominous sonic progression grab you by the
throat from the first spin on. Post-punk at its disturbed best.

Impressive piece.
Impressive video.

RONKER: Facebook

HIGH FIVE – 5 Big Ones For The Weekend

14 January 2023

Who: Garage punks from Louisville, Kentucky
Active: Since 2012 / 4 LPs (new one included)

New album: Asking For A Ride
Out: 27 January 2023

New single: PINK SLIP

Start the engine here.

WHITE REAPER: Facebook – Instagram

(Press photo YF)

Who: Blood-tingling Scottish dance-funk-punk trio
Active: Since 2008 / 4 studio LPs (new one incl.)

New album: HEAVY HEAVY
Release: 3 February 2023

New single: RICE

Psych chant!

YOUNG FATHERS: Facebook – Instagram

(photo by TUTV)

Who: Fiery post-punks from London
Active: Since 2014 / 3 studio LPs (new one incl.)

Release: 24 February 2023

New single: SIX-PACK

Wham bloody bam!

SHAME: Facebook – Instagram

(photo by TUTV)

Who: Power guitar pop outfit from London
Active: Since 2012 / 4 LPs (new one incl.)

New album: EXOTICO
Release: 14 April 2023

New single: GAMMA RAYS

Summer is coming.

TEMPLES: Instagram – Facebook

Who: Frontman of British indie greats Bloc Party

New album: THE FLAMES PT. 2 – his 6th solo one
Release: 24 March 2023

Funkin’ and groovin’.

KELE: Facebook – Instagram

British Post-Punks SHAME Rock The Boat In London

British post-punks SHAME canned their 3 longplayer.
It’s titled FOOD FOR WORMS and it will hit the streets
on 24 February 2023.

Pre-order info here.

Two days ago the fuzz and buzz hound dogs debuted tracks
from the new album on a boat on the River Thames in London.

The band and the fans had some sweaty fun!

Watch this fragment…

The lads on Instagram
just before the gig.

SHAME: Facebook – Instagram

Artwork new album

British Post-Punk Hound Dogs SHAME Announce Third LP – Hear Lead Single ‘FINGERS OF STEEL’ Here

Works faster and harder than caffeine

17 November 2022

(Photo: Turn Up The Volume)

British post-punks SHAME canned third longplayer.
It’s titled FOOD FOR WORMS and will hit the streets
on 24 February 2023.

Pre-order info here.

Artwork new album

Along with the news, our ears can tremble to lead-single FINGERS OF STEEL.
A kind of ruminative semi-rocker, but sickly catchy and a hands-in-the-air
scream along chorus.

Charlie Steen about the accompanying video: “Self-obsession, social media flagellation and death can all be seen in this Oscar nominated performance. No one’s ever done a video like this before and when you watch it, you’ll see why. Think Casablanca, but in colour, and better.”

Let’s roll

SHAME: Facebook – Instagram


27 August 2022

Last Saturday at the 4-day Pukkelpop Festival (Belgium) was
the one that made me forget the tiredness and the smelliness
on a hot summer day.

Here’s TUTV’s top 5

Who: Irish brats from Dublin, looking/moving like brats, but my oh my,
these brats were brilliant. Oh I forget, those porno mustaches have to go.

More! More! More!

THE MURDER CAPITAL: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Two utterly cool songstresses.
This year’s sensation.
Album: WET LEG (2022)

Believe the hype. What? Believe the hype!

WET LEG: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Hefty post-punk-grunge trio from
California with an amazing bird in the middle.
Foo fighter Dave Grohl is a big fan.
Albums: KILLS BIRDS (2019) and MARRIED

Yes! Great find!

KILLS BIRDS: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Post-punk fury from London
Albums: Drunk Tank Pink (2021)
and debut Songs Of Praise (2018)

Concrete frenzy!

SHAME: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Dutch wham bam droners
Albums: 6 – discography here

Here comes the witch doctor!

DE STAAT: Facebook – Instagram

Volcanic Post-Brexit-Punks SHAME Totally Concrete At Pukkelpop Fest 2022

SHAME – Pukkelpop Fest – 20 August 2022

Last Saturday British volcanic post-punks SHAME turned the big tent at Pukkelpop Fest (Belgium) into a heatwave sauna. Sweat all over the place. Their steamy-red-blooded set confirmed once more that they’re one of the hottest live bands (as I experienced before) on this fucked-up planet.

A sign left from the stage stated: No Crowd Surfing


Hello Belgium

My favorite Shame jackhammer Concrete when down a storm. Check it out…

Frontman Charlie Steen. A job well done (again)>


1. Alibis
2. Alphabet
3. Fingers Of Steel
4. Concrete
5. The Lick
6. Six Pack
7. Tasteless
8. Adderall
9. Born in Luton
10. Water in the Well
11.One Rizla
12. Snow Day

Newest album (their second) DRUNK TANK PINK

SHAME: Facebook – Instagram

London’s Punk Upstarts SHAME Invaded Antwerp, Belgium – Highs & Lows

3 April 2022

Last Thursday London’s punk upstarts SHAME (two albums so far) invaded
the city of Antwerp in Belgium. Turn Up The Volume was there and left with
mixed emotions. Let’s explain it in a couple highs and lows.


– Their three record/live classics Dust On Trial, Concrete and Alphabet
are three sure-fire mosh-pit ignitors. The perfect crowd surfing moments
for raging ringleader Charlie Steen too.

– Mean-riff-machine guitarist Sean Coyle-Smith and the left to right and back
running bassist Josh Finerty look/act like schoolboys having the time of their
life. C’mon, Jagger/Richards, move over and retire. The rebirth of the British
post-punk with young gunslingers like Ditz, Crows, Black Midi, Black Country
New Road, Life, Squid, The Mysterines,
and Shame, of course, are the real deal

The schoolboys in action

Shame are politically and socially outspoken leftist wolves, caring
and sharing, and have a staring frontman that would kick that staring
right-wing oldtimer Johnny Forgotten up the ass any day.


– I want more than three Shame classics.

– The 1 and half-hour set is just too long to keep the crowd’s
state of euphoria going all the time. I just love blitzkrieg gigs
of max. 1 hour.

– The up and down consecution of the set, including 4/5 new
songs took the steam out of the venue too frequently.

TUTV’s three Shame classics




SHAME: Spotify – Facebook – Instagram

Look mum, my suit

Look mum, no suit

Live pics by Turn Up the Volume

SHAME Release Xmas Single That Sounds Like A SHAME Xmas Single

New striking strokes

10 December 2021

Who: Razor-sharp-verbal punks, led by hot-blooded
blusterer Charlie Steen, from South-London, who nailed
it big time with their fury filled debut Songs Of Praise.

At the beginning of this year SHAME released their sophomore album
Drunk Tank Pink (good one, but not as good as their blistering debut.
But I admit that that firstborn was hard to match).

Last month they came back for a jangly stand-alone single
titled This Side Of The Sun. And here’s another fresh one.

BALDER’S GATE (named after the video game series) is a Yuletide
song according to outspoken front-mouth Charlie Steen “It’s another
Christmas classic. It’s about a period of time in which I’d regularly be trekking
up to the streets of Edinburgh to see an ex-partner. These are some of the
thoughts I’d have when I’d be leaving Waverley station, en route back to
London in the winter nights.”

Not really a Xmassy tune, although this shady meditation, almost acoustic, is
quite moody, yearning, and melancholic. Must be the Xmassy feel the Shame way.

On Spotify

SHAME: Facebook

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 44

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days


The Boston hardcore/metal legends drop new album Bloodmoon: I,
their collaborative album featuring Goth heroine Chelsea Wolfe
next week.

Ahead of it comes this bombastic and haunting jam.

Hell yeahhhhh…


2. ‘This Side Of The Sun’ by SHAME (UK)

At the start of this year, the South London gunslingers
released their second top album called Drink Tank Pink.

On this brand new single it’s guitars all over the place again.
Not their best effort, but a hefty hammer nonetheless.

“The whole song came together on the day we recorded it at the studio.
It’s also the first live recording we’ve ever done, we didn’t want it to sound
overworked. It’s a pure banger, listen with a piña colada in your left hand.”

Press play…


3. ‘His Ilk’ by BRONSON ARM (US)

The two-man drill machine out of Kalamazoo, MI nails it again.

This rumbling rollercoaster bulldozes its way in slow motion,
forth and back, while producing an ominous vocal brouhaha
that causes a creepy nightmare experience. Whatever the song’s
protagonist’s ilk is, it doesn’t sound like you want to be friends

Be ready…


4. ‘The Hardest Cut’ by SPOON (USA)

The Texan veterans drop their 10th LP called
Lucifer On The Sofa (great title) next year, in February.

They’re still alive and still kick as young hungry wolves,
as you’ll hear on the lead single, right here…


5. ‘Dissonance’ by VEDA RAYS (USA)

A glam synth-pop twister with a darksome Soft Cell
edge by these two Brooklyn’s nightdreamers.

From their excellent album Crucial Fictions.

Check out the vibrant vibe here…


6. ‘Holy Toledo’ by GREEN DAY (US)

This striking stroke is part of the soundtrack for
Mark, Mary & Some Other People, a new indie rom-com
about a young married couple trying out an open relationship.

Billie Joe Armstrong and his buddies do what they did throughout
their whole career, rockin’ and rollin’ without thinking too much.

Let’s hit the road…


7. ‘See Ya When I See Ya’ by MILES KANE (UK)

From his upcoming new album
Change The Show, out 21st January 2022.

Kane: ‘See Ya When I See Ya’ is about being confident in yourself and
sticking to your gut whilst letting the Jekyll and Hydes pass you by.”

With this new single, just like with the previous two, Kane travels
to the good old days for inspiration for another retro tune.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…