SHAME Drop Another Cut From Second LP – Here’s ‘NIGEL HITTER’

7 January 2021

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Razor-sharp-cutting London punks SHAME, led by hot-blooded blusterer Charlie Steen,
will make our ears tremble next week with their second full-length Drunk Tank Pink.
But before the fun starts they give us another taster, actually the fourth.

NIGEL HITTER is a riff-hitting flare-up with funky Gang Of Four echoes.

“After we finished touring I was left with a lot of silence as I stumbled around trying to figure
out the daily routine. On top of that, I was confronting my subconscious at night through a series of intense dreams which left me in a daze during the day. ‘Nigel Hitter’ feels like a cathartic expression of that period.”
explains Steen.

Turn it up, folks…

All 4 singles together on Spotify

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Out 15th January

Coming In 2021… SHAME With Second Album ‘DRUNK TANK PINK’

30 December 2021

Who: Razor-sharp-verbal punks, led by hot-blooded
blusterer Charlie Steen from South-London, who nailed
it big time with their fury filled debut Songs Of Praise.

Album: DRUNK TANK PINK – second LP
Out: 15th January 2020 via Dead Oceans

The three singles reveal a band with a heavy beating
heart and a loud-mouthed soul, kicking ass again with
a wider song structure. Check them out…




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(photo by Turn Up The Volume – Brussels 2019)


5/6 December 2020

Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

‘Shortcummings’ by SLEAFORD MODS (UK)
Another sickly sticky rant from their upcoming album Spare Ribs. This time the rapping punks go after Dominic Cummings, the former right-hand of British prime-minister Boris Johnson and manic Brexit fan. Hit hit hit…

‘Carol Of The Witch’ by VAZUM (Detroit, US)
This pitch-dark, synth-driven banger could easily have been a track on Marilyn
‘s newest album We Are Chaos. Ominous guitar-layers, ongoing drum
thumps and an overall sinister resonance. From the duo’s new EP Vazumnacht.

Snow Day‘ by SHAME (UK)
A haunting, rowdy, and ongoing roller coaster jam “about love that is lost and the comfort and displeasure that comes after you close your eyes, fall into sleep, and are forced to confront yourself.” Notable new piece from forthcoming, 2nd LP Drunk Tank Pink, out 15th January.

‘The Fever’ by THRILLSVILLE (LA, CA, US)
An electro Goth pop tune beating like a heart in trouble and spreading feverishly in
your mind from the kick-off. It’s the nerve-racking opener from the brand new, chilling
5-track EP Say Goodbye To The Light.

I got the fever / I got a poisoned mind / Another day in paradise / Yea right

‘Alpha-Omega’ by MIND CELL (San Diego, US)
This metallic smack is exactly what you need to crush your lockdown demons. Burning guitars, merciless beats, bloodcurdling vehemence, and sky-scraping outcries cause a hair-raising experience that triggers the head-banging devil in you the way you like it! Score!

See/hear you next week, music junkies…


21 November / 22 November 2020

I love the smell of rock ‘n’ roll in the weekend. Here come
five new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours.

‘Water In The Well’ by SHAME (South-London)
One of the most exciting and ambitious young bands around share a new single from
their 2nd, upcoming album. ‘Water In The Well’ is a funky scream your heart out corker…

‘Quaaludes n Mash’ by SPUDGE (Leicester, UK)
Quaaludes with the effect of acid is what this kooky trio comes up with. So good,
so tasty. Rollin’ jingle-jangle guitars, a relentlessly frantic beat, and some rough spitting and sneering. Sonic youth turbulence, indeed. From their debut EP Pathetic Phallus.
Trust me, you won’t fall asleep.

‘The Hustle’ by DOIS PADRES (Bedforshire, UK)
This insane garage blues blast triggers your insatiable appetite for mindless psycho
boogie action. This raw-to-the-bone motherrocker sounds like it has been recorded in a basement where bats are fooling around. Fierce drum madness, screwy surf guitars and distorted vocals do your brain in. AND YOU’LL LIKE IT!

‘Let’s Party Tonight’ by SCARECROWZ (Ottawa, Canada)
To hell with our lockdown blues, time to party ourselves out of our heads. This robust, headbanging haymaker is what we need to activate all of our limbs and go bonkers from the get-go. For those about to rock Scarecrowz salutes you. Wham bloody hammer bam!

‘Distance’ by MAMMOTH WVH / WOLFGABG VAN HALEN (California)
The debut single of Wolfgang Van Halen aka Mammoth WVH is a heart-touching tribute to his father, who died recently. It’s a classic rock standout with an epic resonance, aroused vocals, and an overall affecting impact. R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Full-Blooded Roller Coaster – London’s Steamy Rockers SHAME Drop New Track ‘BiL’ Via Live Video

New sonic impulses…

30 October 2020

(photo by Turn Up The Volume! Brussels 2019)

Steamy London rockers SHAME who scored one of the best
albums of 2018 with their kick-ass debut LP Songs Of Praise
are alive and kicking again.

Last month they dropped a new exploding stroke called Alphabet.
And here’s another one. BiL is a roller coaster. Up and down, fast and
slow, vigorous and full-blooded with a lead role for mad-for-it Gang Of
like guitars. Bingo!

We get BiL via a live video shot at the Electric Brixton in London.

Press play here…

SHAME: Facebook

When Hell Breaks Loose – High-Voltage NYC Noiseniks UNIFORM Released New Powerhouse LP ‘SHAME’

14 September 2020

Who: Industrial hardcore trio
from New York City

Album: SHAME – 4th LP
Released: 9/11 – 2020

Info: What if the antihero in your favorite film or book had no chance to repent,
reconcile, or redeem himself? There’s no victim to rescue. There’s no evil to thwart.
There’s no tyranny to turnover. Instead of saving the day against his better judgment,
he just walks a Sisyphean circle of existential malaise doomed to repeat yesterday’s vices without the promise of a better tomorrow. Rather than tell this story on the screen or on the page, Uniform tell it on their fourth full-length album, Shame. The trio – Michael Berdan (vocals), Ben Greenberg (guitar, production), and Mike Sharp (drums) – strain struggle through an industrialized mill of grating guitars, warped electronics, war-torn percussion, and demonically catchy vocalizations.

Micheal Berdan: “Thematically, the album is like a classic hard-boiled paperback novel without a case. At the time we were making the record, I was reading books by Raymond Chandler, James Ellroy, and Dashiell Hammett and strangely found myself identifying with
the internal dialogues of characters like Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe.”

Kerrang wrote: “Industrial music often takes on an inhuman and mechanical air, adding an element of sterile robotics to even the heaviest hitting of songs. Uniform are one of the few exceptions to this rule, the raw emotional edge they bring to the table, alongside fast and rough punk overtones, render their music imperfectly human. Shame is a weighty slab of industrial punk that is effectively the soundtrack to a tortured soul mentally coming apart. Reinventing a core element of themselves, Uniform present a side they have previously kept boiling angrily under a darkened surface.” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

TUTV’s keywords: Buzz and fuzz marathon / Slash and trash fury / Dispatches
from hell / Blistering brain-breakers / Rage and blaze exorcism / Gloom and doom escapism / Scary soul emptiness / Armageddon time / Volcanic eruptions / No tomorrow

Singles: Dispatches from the gutter / Life In Remission / Delco




Stream/buy full album here…

UNIFORM: Facebook

(pic by Turn Up The Volume! Belgium 2018)

What You Hear Is What You Get – SHAME Unleash New Raw-Ripping Slam Dunk ‘ALPHABET’


11 September 2020

(photo Turn Up The Volume!)

Razor-sharp cutting punks SHAME made a smashing mark with their imposing
debut LP Songs Of Praise two years ago. Also on stage, as Turn Up The Volume
experienced, the South-London gang left traces of red-hot-blooded furor.

The band has canned a new LP to be released soon.
And here comes the rowdy lead-single ALPHABET .

“A direct question, to the audience and the performer, on whether any of this will ever be enough to reach satisfaction. At the time of writing it, I was experiencing a series of surreal dreams where a manic subconscious was bleeding out of me and seeping into the lyrics. All
the unsettling and distressing imagery I faced in my sleep have taken on their own form in the video.”
says flaming frontman Charlie Steen.

The stunner opens with the line “What you hear is what you get.” You bet!

Turn up the heat here…

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Highway To Hell – UNIFORM With New Hardcore Drone ‘DISPATCHES FROM THE GUTTER’

New sonic impulses…

23 July 2020

New York’s hardcore trashers UNIFORM announced new album SHAME
a few weeks ago and shared simultaneously first grenade DELCO.

Here’s frenzied outburst number two.

DISPATCHES FROM THE GUTTER is a merciless 2-minute assault.
A schizophrenic highway to hell drone with singer Michael Berdan
screaming his lungs out.

Video’s director Jacqueline Castel about the clip: “The video was approached
as a documented mass sigil informed by the historical and philosophical concept
of self-immolation, performed under the lunar eclipse of Independence Day.”


The first single DELCO

UNIFORM: Facebook

New album SHAME out 11 September. More info here

(photo on top: TUTV!)


Weekly series of five rolling ripsnorters to go completely bananas to this summer

Here we go again! Open windows and doors! Party time!…

1. ‘Hurricane Laughter’ by FONTAINES D.C.
(From this year’s debut LP Dogrel)

2. ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ by Queens Of The Stone Age
(From their 2nd LP ‘Rated R‘ – 2000)

3. ‘Concrete’ by SHAME
(From their 2018 debut album ‘Songs Of Praise ‘)

(From their 2nd album Take Them On, On Your Own – 2003)

5. ‘ Danny Nedelko’ by IDLES
(From their 2nd longplayer ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance‘)