London’s Punk Upstarts SHAME Invaded Antwerp, Belgium – Highs & Lows

3 April 2022

Last Thursday London’s punk upstarts SHAME (two albums so far) invaded
the city of Antwerp in Belgium. Turn Up The Volume was there and left with
mixed emotions. Let’s explain it in a couple highs and lows.


– Their three record/live classics Dust On Trial, Concrete and Alphabet
are three sure-fire mosh-pit ignitors. The perfect crowd surfing moments
for raging ringleader Charlie Steen too.

– Mean-riff-machine guitarist Sean Coyle-Smith and the left to right and back
running bassist Josh Finerty look/act like schoolboys having the time of their
life. C’mon, Jagger/Richards, move over and retire. The rebirth of the British
post-punk with young gunslingers like Ditz, Crows, Black Midi, Black Country
New Road, Life, Squid, The Mysterines,
and Shame, of course, are the real deal

The schoolboys in action

Shame are politically and socially outspoken leftist wolves, caring
and sharing, and have a staring frontman that would kick that staring
right-wing oldtimer Johnny Forgotten up the ass any day.


– I want more than three Shame classics.

– The 1 and half-hour set is just too long to keep the crowd’s
state of euphoria going all the time. I just love blitzkrieg gigs
of max. 1 hour.

– The up and down consecution of the set, including 4/5 new
songs took the steam out of the venue too frequently.

TUTV’s three Shame classics




SHAME: Spotify – Facebook – Instagram

Look mum, my suit

Look mum, no suit

Live pics by Turn Up the Volume

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