Post-Punk At Its Disturbed Best – Here’s Belgian Outfit RONKER With Their Intense Cry-Out ‘SHAME’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

29 January 2023

Who: Poignant 4-piece
from Belgium.

Pick: SHAME Their newest single.
Part of an upcoming EP, out in April.

TUTV: The distress of English outfit The Murder Capital and the anger
of American hardcore bulldozer Fucked Up. Oh yes, intense, indeed.

Shame is a sharp-cutting razor blade. A severe cry-out that you expect to erupt
any second. The vocalist’s pipes sound creepy and desperate. Flipped-out guitars,
a manic drum/bass tandem, and an ominous sonic progression grab you by the
throat from the first spin on. Post-punk at its disturbed best.

Impressive piece.
Impressive video.

RONKER: Facebook

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