Belgian Motherrockers RONKER Hit Hard Last Night In Antwerp

11 February 2023

Who: Noise 4-piece from Belgium.

A couple of weeks ago these misfits’ unleashed their new hot steaming
single SHAME which Turn Up The Volume experienced as: a sharp-cutting razor blade,
a severe cry-out that you expect to erupt any second with the vocalist’s pipes sounding creepy and desperate
, while fipped-out guitars, a manic drum/bass tandem, and an ominous sonic progression grab you by the throat from the first spin on. Post-punk at its disturbed best.

And last night my ears and my eyes went apeshit when I saw these maddening motherrockers for the first time going bonkers on a stage in Antwerp, Belgium.

And? Man oh man, a half-hour tsunami of chainsaw punk ‘n’ roll with no brakes
and no breaks. The neurotic frontman acts like he just jumped out his straightjacket
and runs around like a manic crackpot while his turbo band have all cylinders and
burners on all the way. This is what flabbergastng live music is all about. Fucktastic!

Here’s an idea.

In case you missed new single SHAME, here’ s another chance to test your speakers.

RONKER: Facebook

Ready to jump

I support lots of bands in writing,
but yesterday I did it literarily
(me, in the middle)

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