SHARON VAN ETTEN The Happiest Girl In Belgium Feeling Seventeen Again

SHARON VAN ETTEN – Riverienhof, Antwerp – 6 June 2022

Wonderfull American songstress SHARON VAN ETTEN was the happiest girl in
Belgium last Monday. Her sheer joy of being able to tour and perform again made
her feel seventeen again all through the entire show. And when she thanked her band,
her whole crew, and the audience extensively in the end, she was smiling from left to
right and back.

Her genuine enthusiasm was contagious, we all loved her for it. Sharon served us
a mix of old and new (from top album We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong).

Enticing renditions of emotive ballads like Anything (new), Darkness Fades (new),
Beaten Down (old), and the utterly fantastic rendition of Come Back (new).

The other half of the gig was a feast of upbeat thrills, like with Comeback Kid (old),
Mistakes (new), Every Time The Sun Comes Up (old) and of course Seventeen (old).

And how excitingly has her stage presence changed since the last time (six
years ago) I saw her play. Not standing still and just doing her songs anymore.

No, she danced all around the podium, she came singing upfront regularly to
connect with the fans, she just enjoyed herself every single minute and so did
we all. After a 90 minutes triumph, I only saw happy faces feeling young
again too.

Magic moments with a magic voice and a magic band.

Here’s a live(ly) idea of the beautiful night…






No One’s Easy To Love
Comeback Kid
Save Yourself
I’ll Try
Beaten Down
Come Back
Darkness Fades

Every Time The Sun Goes Up


Sharon Van Etten: Facebook – Instagram

(All photos by Turn Up The Volume)

SHARON VAN ETTEN Dreams In Slo-Mo On Her New Ballad ‘USED TO IT’

New striking strokes

2 March 2022

(Artwork for ‘Used To It’)

Who: Entracing voice and songwriter
from Belleville, New Jersey (aged 41)
Active: since 2007 / 5 albums

New single: USED TO IT

A few weeks ago Van Etten shared new reflective humdinger
called Porta. And here comes another fresh one, but no sign
of a new album yet.

Used To It was written at the same time she was in talks to compose
a score for the HBO documentary Baby God (which ultimately fell through),
about a fertility specialist who impregnates women with his own sperm.

Van Etten: “Ultimately, the film team changed their musical direction, but
I found myself welcomely challenged to the idea of writing a song about the
concept of family, connection through blood, nature vs nurture while attempting
to incorporate ideas of love and the complexities of science and technology. “

Dream in slo-mo here…

SHARON VAN ETTEN: Instagram – Facebook

SHARON VAN ETTEN Wants To Be Herself – Hear Her New Single ‘PORTA’ Here

New striking strokes

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

11 February 2022

Last year blissful voice SHARON VAN ETTEN recorded,
with equally magnific voice Angel Olsen one of the best
2021 songs Like I Used To .

Van Etten is back solo with a new little gem called PORTA.
She wrote the song in 2020 when she experienced one
of her ‘lowest lows.’

Van Etten: “For most of my adult life I have struggled with bouts of depression
and anxiety and coping mechanisms, and I sometimes let those dark moments
get the best of me. During this time I felt very dissociated. Not connected to my
body and I felt out of control… My message is to work through them. Even when
it’s hard. Even when it hurts. Reach out. Reach out to that friend who helps you
reach out towards yourself.”

Wanna hear myself, wanna be there
Wanna stay, but I don’t wanna leave it
Wanna hold head up, don’t wanna stay down
I wanna live my life
But you won’t allow

Another Van Etten beauty…


Great Voice Covers Great Voice – LUCINDA WILLIAMS Sings SHARON VAN ETTEN

21 March 2021

Compelling singer/songwriter SHARON VAN ETTEN celebrates
the 10th anniversary of her sophomore album TEN with a double
covers LP called epic TEN.

The record features, besides the original LP, notable artists covering
one of the 10 tracks. Among the contributors are Fiona Apple, Lucinda
Willams, Big Red Machine, Idles
(yes, the Bristol punks), and six more.

American rock/folk/country legend Lucinda Williams‘s version
of Save Yourself stands out because of her magnific and warm
Americana voice.

Listen here…


IDLES Cover – Yes – Songstress SHARON VAN ETTEN

12 March 2021

Affecting singer/songwriter SHARON VAN ETTEN releases
epic TEN soon. A double longplayer celebrating the 10th
anniversary of her sophomore album.

The new double LP features, besides the original album, notable artists
covering one of tracks. Among the contributors are Fiona Apple, Lucinda
Williams, Big Red Machine
, and more. The first shared taster was A Crime
performed by Big Red Machine.

A very surprising name on the list are UK punks IDLES
turning PIECE SIGNS upside down and it works damn well.

Tune in…

IDLES: Facebook

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

epic Ten is out digitally 16 April and physically 11 June. Order info here.

Already Christmas For SHARON VAN ETTEN

Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

Only six weeks until Jesus Christ is coming back once more,
so covers of Xmas carols are seeping in every day now.

Splendorous singer-songwriter SHARON VAN ETTEN has also two Yuletide classics
to offer. Actually, I don’t like all these Christmastide ditties. Too sugary, but hey, this
is lovely Sharon, one of my favorite songstresses. I’ll be a good boy and listen…




Despite the Xmas carols, I still love you Sharon (pic by Turn Up The Volume!)