SHARON VAN ETTEN Dreams In Slo-Mo On Her New Ballad ‘USED TO IT’

New striking strokes

2 March 2022

(Artwork for ‘Used To It’)

Who: Entracing voice and songwriter
from Belleville, New Jersey (aged 41)
Active: since 2007 / 5 albums

New single: USED TO IT

A few weeks ago Van Etten shared new reflective humdinger
called Porta. And here comes another fresh one, but no sign
of a new album yet.

Used To It was written at the same time she was in talks to compose
a score for the HBO documentary Baby God (which ultimately fell through),
about a fertility specialist who impregnates women with his own sperm.

Van Etten: “Ultimately, the film team changed their musical direction, but
I found myself welcomely challenged to the idea of writing a song about the
concept of family, connection through blood, nature vs nurture while attempting
to incorporate ideas of love and the complexities of science and technology. “

Dream in slo-mo here…

SHARON VAN ETTEN: Instagram – Facebook

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