Riff Manic SILVERBACKS From D.C. Triumph In B.C.

On stage

7 May 2022

Who: Up and coming indie guitar team from Dublin City, Ireland
Albums: FAD (2020) and the a.w.e.s.o.m.e new one Archive Material

Concert: Botanique venue, Brussels City, Belgium – 5 May 2022


1. Guitarist Kilian O’Kelly is a riff wizard. He produces riff after riff after riff the way NYC’s Television maestro Tom Verlaine used to blow minds with his electrifying guitar style.

2. Fluently French-speaking frontman Daniel O’Kelly (yep, Killian‘s brother in crime) is the man in the middle of this Irish team. His sharp-edged vocals made me think of David Byrne in his early talking heads days when he articulated his words like an anxious misfit.

3. Bassist and vocalist Emma Hanlon is the band’s silent one. She’s extremely focused throughout the concert while plugging her bass and when she comes up front for the lead vocals on Wear My Medals and Up The Nurses she looks a bit shy and nervous which made her really cute.

4. No fillers, all killers. On record and on stage.
All rollicking ripsnorters all rip-roaring rockers.

5. After a short technical problem the band explodes once again with psychedelic knockout Recycle Culture. Hair-rasing. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

D.C. triumph in B.C.

LOWS: None.

Here’s an idea of Silverbacks‘ live swagger…


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Irish Indie Team SILVERBACKS Confirms Electrifying Potential On Their Second Album ‘ARCHIVE MATERIAL’

22 January 2022

Who: Indie adventurers
from Dublin, Ireland

New album: ARCHIVE MATERIAL – 2nd LP

Press info: “In years from now, anyone seeking to make sense of what life
was like during a global pandemic should extend their research beyond the
newspaper clippings and dive into the art produced during the period. Archive
Material, the aptly-titled second album by Dublin-based art-rock quintet Silverbacks,
will make for a particularly illuminating listen on the subject. Capturing the absurd
mixture of monotony and creeping disquiet experienced by many of us this past
18 months, it’s simultaneously sobering and wickedly droll.”

The Quietus: “With Archive Material, Silverbacks bring so much fun, personality,
and excellent musicianship across their songs. It’s a record that, once again,
confirms a bright future ahead.” Full review here. Score: 8/10.

Turn Up The Volume: The urgency of early Talking Heads and Devo‘s sharp-edged
staccato with Television‘s Tom Verlaine on guitar. Add some Parquet Courts‘ jangle,
Gang Of Four‘s funky rhythmics and some Delta 5‘s nervous male/female vocality and
you know you’ve got an electrifying winner here. My ears tell me that this longplayer
is one they’ll listen to for a long time. Tons of riffs, hooks, and licks to activate your
lazy limbs.

Singles: A Job Worth Something / Archive Material / Rolodex City




Stream full album…

You can buy Archive Material via Bandcamp

Irish Riff-Crazy Hit Team SILVERBACKS Storms On New Speedy Single ‘WEAR MY MEDALS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

9 September 2021

(Photo by Róisín Murphy O’Sullivan / Imagery By )

Who: Irish post-punk-pop band who released
their superb debut LP FAD last year.

New single: WEAR MY MEDALS
Their first for Full Time Hobby

Turn Up The Volume: I just love this thrilltastic Irish hit team.
Their new high-speed Devo-like riff-crazy steamroller makes your
adrenalin production explode, makes your head spin uncontrollably
like madmen Beavis and Butthead do when they go berserk, and leaves
you out of breath when the storm is over. Even the band has to slow
down with a long drum rolling and flute outro, while singer Emma softly
ho ho ho ho’s out.

Stunning strike! Silverbacks win gold medal.

Catch the vibrant vibe here while watching the pretty special video clip…


Irish Engine SILVERBACKS Unleashed New Steamrolling Single ‘SIRENS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 November 2019

Ireland is exploding! Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital both dropped an awesome debut album, chainsaw noiseniks Girl Band launched their second, bone-crushing LP a couple of weeks ago and flaming 5-piece SILVERBACKS keeps on producing ace single after ace single this year.

After cracking cuts Pink TideJust In The Band and Dunkirk, here’s another sharp-edged and speedy missile called ‘SIRENS’ that gets under your skin faster than you can say ‘Boris Johnson is a moron‘. Its non-stop repetitive Krautrock-ish beat, its guitar combustibleness and steamrolling vigorousness will drive you entirely bonkers.

Catch the maniacal urgency right here…


Dublin’s SILVERBACKS Rattle Roaringly On New High-Speed Stroke ‘PINK TIDE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 May 2019

When Turn Up The Volume! heard SILVERBACKS for the very first time, last November,
with their thundering riff stormer ‘Just In The Band’ he screamed from the top of his
roof that the meanwhile successfully exploding FONTAINES D.C. gang wasn’t the only
Irish group to keep your eyes and ears on. And now with new smoking single PINK TIDE this also Dublin based squad confirms why we should all follow their future sonic moves.

Silverbacks‘ songwriter Daniel O’Kelly talked about the new cut in a press statement: “The song is about trendy and stylish revolutions that lack substance and never fully materialise. Musically, we had been messing around with the outro guitar riff for a few weeks which we initially attached to another demo, poorly named ‘Mark E. Smith Eats His Purple Crayon (note TUTV: c’mon this should have been the most hilarious song title of the year!) In
the end we realised that the riff deserved better, and we started writing what eventually
became Pink Tide.”

Pink Tide is an unstoppable walloping stroke that develops dashingly from the motorik bass/drums intro on and keeps on rattling until your head spins itself entirely dizzy. Midway the cutting parlando vocals almost explode and then makes way for an insanely guitar driven volcanic finale. This band nailed it big time! Again! Give us more! ASAP!

Experience the hair-raising electricity right here…


Irish artillery

Electrical Irish Team SILVERBACKS Drops New Rad Single ‘JUST IN THE BAND’…

Brand new sonic impulses

22 November 2018

Watch your back Fontaines D.C. here come your Irish compatriots SILVERBACKS with new rip-roaring firecracker JUST IN THE BAND. A rumbling stroke pushed by a stone solid beat with gloriously crepitating guitars all over, from start to finish, while Daniel O’Kelly‘s chill out vox fits the sonic turmoil terrifically. Non-stop groove rapture. Ongoing riff rhapsody.

Catch this up and coming squad’s thrilling drift right here, right now…


JUST IN THE BAND out 23 November