Riff Manic SILVERBACKS From D.C. Triumph In B.C.

On stage

7 May 2022

Who: Up and coming indie guitar team from Dublin City, Ireland
Albums: FAD (2020) and the a.w.e.s.o.m.e new one Archive Material

Concert: Botanique venue, Brussels City, Belgium – 5 May 2022


1. Guitarist Kilian O’Kelly is a riff wizard. He produces riff after riff after riff the way NYC’s Television maestro Tom Verlaine used to blow minds with his electrifying guitar style.

2. Fluently French-speaking frontman Daniel O’Kelly (yep, Killian‘s brother in crime) is the man in the middle of this Irish team. His sharp-edged vocals made me think of David Byrne in his early talking heads days when he articulated his words like an anxious misfit.

3. Bassist and vocalist Emma Hanlon is the band’s silent one. She’s extremely focused throughout the concert while plugging her bass and when she comes up front for the lead vocals on Wear My Medals and Up The Nurses she looks a bit shy and nervous which made her really cute.

4. No fillers, all killers. On record and on stage.
All rollicking ripsnorters all rip-roaring rockers.

5. After a short technical problem the band explodes once again with psychedelic knockout Recycle Culture. Hair-rasing. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

D.C. triumph in B.C.

LOWS: None.

Here’s an idea of Silverbacks‘ live swagger…


Buy the album via Bandcamp

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