SIOUXSIE SIOUX – Impressive Solo Album ‘MANTARAY’ Released 10 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…


Artist: SIOUXSIE SIOUX – charismatic frontwoman of the legendary Banshees

Album: MANTARAY – her first, and so far, only solo longplayer

Released: 10 September 2007 – 10 years ago

The Guardian wrote: “Her first solo album after 30 years in the business is a mostly uplifting affair summed up by Into a Swan’s confident, stomping beats and lines such as: “I feel a force I’ve never felt before. Indeed, Sioux has never sounded quite like this, a strutting cross between her old self, Shirley Bassey, Marlene Dietrich and Sioux fan PJ Harvey. There are jagged rock riffs, timps and dancefloor beats. Lyrically, Mantaray divides between anti-suburban rants about “manicured lawns” that echo her days in punk’s Bromley contingent and more emotional outpourings. Something for everybody, then”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Spectacular voice, dazzling performances, no fillers all killers…

Three Top Tracks: One Mile Below / Into A Swan / Loveless

* ONE MILE BELOWthe ice queen of voodoo

* INTO A SWANstunning live rendition

* LOVELESSdark groove for the twilight hours

Full album…

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