Weekly series of five rolling ripsnorters to go completely bananas to this summer

1. L.S.F. by Kasabian
(Album: Self-Titled Debut / 2004)

2. ‘Wrote For Luck’ by HAPPY MONDAYS
(Album: Bummed – 1988)

2. ‘Davey Crockett’ by HINDS
(A cover of a 1992 song by British band Thee Headcoatees)

4. ‘Cheer Up London’ by SLAVES
(Album: Are You Satisfied?  / 2015)

5. ‘All Hail’ by PINS
( EP: Bad Thing / 2017)

Power Punks SLAVES Share Video Clip For Album Track ‘BUGS’ To Support PUBS…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

26 March 2019

Long Live The Local is a British campaign that organises actions to keep local pubs alive in the UK because: “Pubs have long been the home of live music. They are a breeding ground for talent – past, present & future, a place where bands meet their first fans. However, with three pubs a day closing their doors for good, live music is under threat.”

Dynamite punk duo SLAVES support the campaign and made a video clip for ‘BUGS‘ – a ferocious sledgehammer from their latest LP Acts Of Fear And Love – in partnership with Long Live The Local as the band knows how important pubs are: “Without pubs we would have had nowhere to start our career. Pubs are so important to the careers of musicians. They are pillars of communities and need saving.”

Here’s the ‘Bugs‘ for ‘Pubs‘ clip…

SLAVES: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

(photo on top: TUTV!)

SLAVES – Garage Punk Bolide Inflamed Mad Moshpit On Sweaty Halloween Night In … GHENT BELGIUM

SLAVES – Handelsbeurs Ghent, Belgium – 31 October 2018

With programming British booming and hammering tandem SLAVES on Halloween night, you have a red-hot-blooded winner. I’ve seen and (most of all) heard this loud and bloody clear 2-motor garage punk bolide several times before. This is one hell of a rip-roaring mad-for-it party unit. And they maked-up themselves appropriately last night in my busy hometown of Ghent for a razzle-dazzle bogeymen noise orgy. As I experienced before
this glorious scream-along outlaws developed again a deafening energy above decibel-normality. Again their riotous impact started a non-stop crowded moshpit. Again their
in-your-face-honesty was just fucking (the most used adjective of the night) contagious
and we all yelled along at the top of our oiled lungs. Even after three blustery albums this committed kick-ass powerhouse keeps on slamming a variety of daily reality shit – racism, sexism, narcissism, consumerism, capitalism and many other evil ism’s that divided our troubled planet painfully the past few years… again – and when they hit a stage they do
it with and for the audience. No pompous nonsense, no snobbish bollocks, no irritant patronizing. Slaves keep it simple, clear-cut and speak/shout from their worried hearts.

If you never heard of these two human molotov cocktails
then here’s a splendidly messy idea of their live power

And here some photos from yesterday’s pandemonium

Da joker is in da house

Cheer up, Ghent, it’s not that bad

Voodoo gathering

All together now

“I still can see you”

Stream newest longplayer

SLAVES: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

(all photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

SLAVES Drop Decorating Clip For Banging ‘MAGNOLIA’ Track From Latest Album…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


12 October 2018

English hammering tandem SLAVES released third LP ‘Acts Of Fear And Love‘ last August. Today they launched a messy clip for MAGNOLIA, one of the nastiest slams on the album. “Did you know at least 65% of UK homes contain at least one magnolia wall? I bet you didn’t.” No, I didn’t. Whatever, watch the pair failing to become professional decorators…

SLAVES: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

Stream new album ACTS OF FEAR AND LOVE right here

Battering Duo SLAVES Launch Brand New Sticky Single/Clip ‘CUT AND RUN’ From New LP…

Brand new sonic impulses

12 June 2018

British punk knockouts SLAVES dropped the first single, entitled CUT AND RUN
from their upcoming, third album. Its sound is less raw, less raging, less angry and
less tempestuous than before. But as catchy and contagious, and as hooky and sticky
as their previous singles. The accompanying clip features the pair dressed in shorts, wearing sweat bands while working out as if they were about to join a Spice Girls
reunion. Hilarious stuff. Catch it here…

SLAVES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

MY 2016 ALL STAR TEAM – 21 Captivating Crackers…


21 Outstanding Killer Tracks
Dancing Inside My Head
This Past Scary Year…

The Best of All in 2016
21 Knockout Number Ones
Sonic Food for Body & Soul

Start the party! HELL YEAH!
1/ ‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (Sheffield, England)
Smacked out Götterdämmerung disco drive. Irresistible groove to keep Satan happy…
Album:  Songs For Our Mothers fwf7

2/ ‘Trippin’ On Your Love’ by PRIMAL SCREAM  (Scotland/UK)
Saturday Night Fever rapture with an elevating gospel feel. Magical pop spirituality…
Album: Chaosmosis primalscremblog

3/ ‘Black Hanz’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (London/Leeds, UK)
“You can hit the outsiders, but you can not beat them!” Let’s dance before we’re all doomed…
EP: 4-track here on iTunes

4/ ‘Zipperface’ by THE POP GROUP (Bristol, UK)
Imperishable post-punk legends with an adrenaline injection to activate your lazy limbs…
New album: Honeymoon On Mars

5/ ‘Disco Glove’ by EXPLODED VIEW (Berlin/Mexico City/UK)
Twisted rhythmic machinery & singer Anika ranting about Robert De Niro. Screwdriver!…
Album: self-titled debut ‘Exploded View’ – here on Bandcamp

6/ ‘Step Up’ by White (Glasgow, Scotland)
Deranged funk madness pushed by an incendiary engine. Mind-boggling score!…
EP: Cuts That Don’t Bleed

7/ ‘One’ by  PSYCHO COMEDY (Liverpool, England)
Unstoppable psych steamroller getting more stormy with every second. Glorious debut…

8/ ‘Gonnawanna’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Hammering Californian duo returned this year with tons of red-hot blues rock dynamite…
New album: Femejism

9/ ‘Disco’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Doom punk boogie to set fire to underground discotheques around the globe. Killer cut!…
Album: Glow In The Dark

10/ ‘The Itch’ by CROWS (London, UK)
These sinewy blusterers turn grimness into a forceful energy. Apocalyptic thunder!…
EP: brand new 4-track titled ‘Cold Comfort’ – here on iTunes

11/ ‘If AT&T Drank Tea What Would BP Do’ by FUTURE OF THE LEFT (Wales/UK)
Andrew Falkous’ biting, verbal virtuosity and smashing hacksaw drones! Kick ass havoc…
Album: ‘The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left’ – here on Bandcamp

12/ ‘Hypnotised’ by SLAVES (London, UK)
The 2-piece punk army will thrill all your senses while messing up your unaware brain…
New album: Take Control

13/ ‘Now You’re Gonna Listen’ by DEUX FURIEUSES (London/Glasgow)
This outspoken powerhouse duo demands your attention with razor-sharp panache…
Debut album: Tracks Of Wire

14/ ‘Whirling Eye’ by THE KILLS (UK/US)
Jamie & Alisson alive and kicking again in 2016. Magnetic, swirling and catchy…
New album: Ash & Ice

15/ ‘Cu Cu Cu Cool’ by THE GLÜCKS (Ostend, Belgium)
The mental Bonnie & Clyde of garage trash produce slashing tumult for psychobillies…
Debut album: Youth On Stuff

16/ A-OK by COSMONAUTS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Dazzling firework rock fueled with flashing guitars and vivacious vocals. Smoking punch!
New album: A-OK

17/ ‘Blink Your Eyes’ by BIG BAD ECHO (Brisbane, Australia)
Hypnotizing serpent turning scary and frenzy, slowly but surely. Superb mind fucker!…
Mini-album: It Takes a Big Dog To Weigh a Tonne

18/ ‘Garden Of Love’ by THE LIMINANAS feat. Peter Hook (Perpignan, France)
Garage pop splendor with a sexy French touch & sensual bass lines by a famous friend…
Album: Malamore

19/ ‘Loaded’ by Rich Girls (New York, NY, US)
Gripping sadness to accompany your tears. Gloomy gem Karen O would sell her soul for…
EP: Love Is The Dealer

20/ ‘Intern’ by ANGEL OLSEN (St. Louis, MO, US)
Soul touching electro ballad and one of the most compelling voices in years. Breathtaking!

21/ ‘Flags From The Old Regime’ by PETER DOHERTY (London, UK)
“But I don’t want to die anymore / Any more than I did want to die before” Magnificent!….
Album:  Hamburg Demonstrations

(all concert pics by TUTV!)

SLAVES – High-Voltage Slams in Amsterdam…


SLAVES – Paradiso Club, Amsterdam – 24 April 2015



Where: at the famous Dutch ‘London Calling Festival’ at Paradiso Venue
in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – info here London Calling Festival

Members: Isaac Holman (big drums, vocals) and Laurie Vincent (guitar, vocals)

Home: Kent, UK

Sound: let their stirring uproar do the talking. Check here the video of their rousing appearance on BBC’s TV show ‘Later… with Jools’ to get an idea of their live impact.
Turn it up…

Concert: Loudest power punk duo in years – with a highly explosive and inexhaustible energy – their set is an ear-splitting tornado of slam dunk killers – guitarist Laurie Vincent tortures his guitar constantly to produce hot smoking riffs and concrete hooks – he bounces all over the podium, non stop, and demonstrates his whipping rock moves with an exultant grin on his face – main man Isaac Holman hits his mammoth drums with a Hulk intensity as if his life depends on it – his phenomenal voice is the band’s third hammering instrument – his slashing shouts & screams are merciless – at the end of the show he jumps off the stage for a flash dynamite performance in the audience (just in front of me, yeah !) – these two punks are natural-born noise entertainers – louder than war – crushing dynamite & high-voltage slams in Amsterdam – wham bam !

Pleased to meet you…

Toast to a knock out victory in Amsterdam…

Here’s new king-sized single CHEER UP, LONDON

More show pictures
Slaves – Website
Slaves – Facebook
Slaves – Twitter

(All pics: Turn Up The Volume!)