Power Punks SLAVES Share Video Clip For Album Track ‘BUGS’ To Support PUBS…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

26 March 2019

Long Live The Local is a British campaign that organises actions to keep local pubs alive in the UK because: “Pubs have long been the home of live music. They are a breeding ground for talent – past, present & future, a place where bands meet their first fans. However, with three pubs a day closing their doors for good, live music is under threat.”

Dynamite punk duo SLAVES support the campaign and made a video clip for ‘BUGS‘ – a ferocious sledgehammer from their latest LP Acts Of Fear And Love – in partnership with Long Live The Local as the band knows how important pubs are: “Without pubs we would have had nowhere to start our career. Pubs are so important to the careers of musicians. They are pillars of communities and need saving.”

Here’s the ‘Bugs‘ for ‘Pubs‘ clip…

SLAVES: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

(photo on top: Slaves Press)

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