Weekly series of five rolling ripsnorters to go completely bananas to this summer

A new week! Let’s heat it up with five mind-blowing electro stonkers…

1. ‘III’ by FÖLLAKZOID (Región Metropolitana, Chile)
(Album: ‘I’ – just released)

2. ‘Ar.Mour’ by UNKLE (UK)
(Album: The Road: Part II / Lost Highway – 2019)

3. ‘Hazel’ by TANGIENTS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
(Cocteau Twins cover – 2019)

4. ‘Hesitate’ by SOCIAL STATION (Washington D.C., US)
(Single 2019)

5. ‘Bubble Boy’ by THE PINK ELEPHANTS (Ottawa/Greece/UK)
(2018 single – brand new video clip)

All 50 Summer Bangers so far
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See/hear you next week, music junkies…

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks Of MAY 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A hot cocktail of rip-roaring rippers and cracking cuts.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout May Team!

1. ‘My Way’ by THE DARTS (L.A/Phoenix, US)
The only crazed way, is The Darts way. This corker is on these fiery garage bats’ 2nd album.

1. ‘Gacked On Anger’ by AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Melbourne, Australia)
Ignore the fake news. Rock and roll is not dead!! These sweaty Aussies are the living proof.

3. ‘The Witching Hour’ by SAINT-AGNES (London, UK)
Blues rock voodoo that nails you to the cross. So will debut LP ‘Welcome To Silvertown’.

4. ‘Meat Week’ by BROKEN BABY (L.A. CA, US)
Loud and crystal clear tirade bottled in a motorik bass/drum beat pushed groove. Yeah!

5. ‘Calm Down Aka I Should Not Be Alone’ by EZRA FURMAN (Evanston, IL, US)
A totally not-calm corker, full of peppy vivacity and fervent emotion from upcoming LP.

6. ‘Even Tough’ by HOLY MAGICK (Brighton, UK)
A magnetic trance-like groove that sticks from the get-go. Discover their debut LP here.

7. ‘Shake It‘ by FERAL FIVE (East London, UK)
Tremendous racy electro killer with an instant impact on your hips, feet and mind…

8. ‘The Joker’
by THE STONE BIRDS (Portsmouth, UK)
From a slow-burning torch to a droning steamroller with attitude and swagger. Score!

9. ‘Lonesome Prairie’ by SOUVENIR DRIVER (Portland, OR, US)
Glorious amplified pop pearl from their new stellar album A Dangerous Crossing.

10. ‘Little Romance’ by ECHOTAPE (South England)
Ecstatic tonality, effervescent flow, bang-up vocals, and an exuberant chorus. Top!

11. ‘Hesitate’ by SOCIAL STATION (Washington D.C., US)
Warm synths, infectious percussion, pulsating bass, and dreamy vocals. Melancholic gem!

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Washington D.C. Duo SOCIAL STATION Shines On Their New Electro Pop Single ‘HESITATE’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

8 May 2019

New-wavish Washington D.C. duo SOCIAL STATION just dropped their new glossy single HESITATE. A blissfully melodious and heartening electro stroke your ears will embrace instantly. The radiant New Order-like synths, infectious percussion, pulsating bass, and pensive vocals will activate your aural senses all the way. Don’t hesitate, press the button right now and enjoy this sweet pop gem…


HESITATE – out now – available via Bandcamp and iTunes

Gothic Twilight Duo SOCIAL STATION Turns Gloomy On New Cinematic Single ‘TRY (CROSS MY HEART)…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 June 2018

Band: SOCIAL STATION (Washington D.C., US)

Who: “With a passion for analogue synths, hypnotic guitar, and undeniable melancholic
vocals, ‘Social Station’ started originally as a solo project in 2013 by singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Paul Todd. With the addition of Alexander Minx on drums the duo released debut full-length Our Pleasure Of Solitude in 2016.’

Track: TRY (CROSS MY HEART) – this brand new single is a collaborative effort
by Paul Todd and classical musician Jacob Sebastian on bass.

Score: Try (Cross My Heart) feels and sounds like a troubled love reflection, full of doubt and fear. A cloudy symphony for the twilight hours. Heavy-hearted, yet with some spark of hope at the end of the day/night. The cinematic orchestration of the sad song adds soulful drama to the whole experience and so does the accompanying, vintage ‘black and white’ movie sequence of the video clip. Capture the mood swings right here…

SOCIAL STATION: Facebook – Website

TRY (CROSS MY HEART) plus remixes available on Bandcamp