PETER GABRIEL Released His Splendid Solo Debut LP 45 Years Ago Today

Back in time

25 February 2023

After being the colorful dressed-up/masked face/voice of prog rockers Genesis for
8 years PETER GABRIEL left the band to pursue a solo career, a very successful
one and still running.

He released his Self-Titled Debut LP on 25 February 1977,45 years ago today.
Still one of his best works to my ears. Gabriel didn’t left prog- rock completely
behind him, as he incorporated the bombast of the genre here and there in his
new musical direction of accessible art-pop. A varied, splendid album.

AllMusic: “It’s an imperfect album, but that’s a byproduct of Gabriel’s
welcome risk-taking, the very thing that makes the album work, overall.”
Score: 4.5/5.



PETER GABRIEL: Bio – Discography – Website

Waking Up On The 73th Birthday Of PETER GABRIEL

Works faster and harder than caffeine

13 February 2023

PETER BRIAN GABRIEL was born on February 1950 in Chobham, England.
Happy 73 to the former frontman of prog rockers Genesis (1969-1975)
who started a remarkable solo career afterward.

So far Gabriel released 8 LPs, but he has a new
one ready, named i/o for release in May.

Well, let’s pick one new and one old song
to celebrate Gabriel‘s 73rd birthday.

Lead single from new LP

1977 solo debut single

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