PETER GABRIEL Released His Splendid Solo Debut LP 45 Years Ago Today

Back in time

25 February 2023

After being the colorful dressed-up/masked face/voice of prog rockers Genesis for
8 years PETER GABRIEL left the band to pursue a solo career, a very successful
one and still running.

He released his Self-Titled Debut LP on 25 February 1977,45 years ago today.
Still one of his best works to my ears. Gabriel didn’t left prog- rock completely
behind him, as he incorporated the bombast of the genre here and there in his
new musical direction of accessible art-pop. A varied, splendid album.

AllMusic: “It’s an imperfect album, but that’s a byproduct of Gabriel’s
welcome risk-taking, the very thing that makes the album work, overall.”
Score: 4.5/5.



PETER GABRIEL: Bio – Discography – Website

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