Amazing New Artwork Of The Day – Cover Of New THE NATIONAL Album + T-Shirt

New eye-catching album artwork

25 February 203

The American dreamers collective THE NATIONAL led by mixed emotions crooner
Matt Berninger share their new, 9th LP, named FIRST TWO PAGES OF FRANKENSTEIN with the world on 28 April. It features guest appearances from Taylor Swift, Sufjan Stevens, and Phoebe Bridgers.

Yesterday they shared new track, weirdly named
NEW ORDER T-SHIRT. A vintage TN reverie.

I keep what I can of you
Split second glimpses and
Snapshots and sounds
You in my New Order t-shirt
Holding a cat and a glass of beer
I flicker through
I carry them with me like drugs in a
You in a Kentucky aquarium
Talking to a shark in a corner


Guess what? The band contacted New Order (the band) and the result
is a real New Order/The National T-shirt you can purchase HERE. Proceeds
from the sale will benefit a charity of NO’s choice.

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