SPIN MAGAZINE – 30 Best Albums Of 2022 (So Far)

9 June 2022


SPIN (American webzine): “Maybe 2022 was just front-loaded and the final six months will be less eventful. (Judging by the release calendar, that’s probably a bad prediction.) Either way, we had trouble even narrowing this down to 30. Let’s meet back here at year’s end and see how things shake out.”

– TOP 3 –

1. A Light for Attracting Attention by THE SMILE (with Thom Yorke)

“Mangled riffs and odd time signatures abound, and Yorke’s lifelong dread has never sounded more in tune with the outside world. A Light for Attracting Attention is so good, it almost makes you want to send Radiohead’s other three members a sympathy card.”

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2. ‘Caprisongs’ by FKA TWIGS

“A lockdown album billed as a mixtape, Caprisongs showed a less guarded and precise side of FKA Twigs. Perhaps that conceit served a deeper purpose, helping spur on some of her most playful and satisfying material.”

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3. ‘Ants From Up Here’ by BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD

“It’s hard to imagine Black Country, New Road without singer-guitarist Isaac Wood, who quit the band for mental health reasons. It’s especially hard to imagine after Ants From Up There. While their 2020 debut positioned the seven-piece as their era’s elite revivalists of talky post-punk, the second album took a gentle turn toward melody. BCNR created a romantic, pastoral landscape out of their jazz-flavored noise rock, even hinting at folk and chamber music while drawing on just a bit of Revolution Summer fire.”

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A Sexy Kiss And A Sultry Trick With Brand New Single ‘THOUGHT I KNEW YOU’ By SPiN…

11 December 2020

Steamy Philadelphia quartet SPiN have a brand new red-hot jackhammer out called
THOUGHT I KNEW YOU. A break-up-blast, groovin’ and movin’ to a hellish beat.

Imagine metal-glam legends Kiss and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame stars Cheap Trick
having a kick-ass jam while watching 1960’s sexy and sultry horror film Peeping Tom.

I Thought I Knew You pumps up your stream of adrenalin when the bang-your-head chorus kicks in. It’s an offer you can’t refuse. Hop ‘n’ pop around like a stoned monkey,
it’ll help you to fight your lockdown blues. C’mon get out of your lazy bed, look the Devil
in the eyes and start a fire.

Please to meet you, hope you guess my name…

SPiN: Facebook

Welsh Foursome SILENT FORUM Shared New Track/Clip ‘SPIN’ From Upcoming Debut LP…

1 October 2019

Turn Up The Volume featured thrilling Welsh 4-piece SILENT FORUM several times before as this adventurous outfit excelled with several stirring tracks, over the past two years, that triggered our aural inquisitiveness.

Finally, the band announced their debut album, titled ‘EVERYTHING SOLVED AT ONCE
a few weeks ago. It will be out on 6 December via Libertino. Ahead of it here’s newest single ‘SPIN‘. A most riveting and multi-faceted piece of stupefying sonorousness mostly because of its impressive guitar turbulence bringing the metallic play of former Public Image Ltd. guitarist Keith Levene and Gang Of Four‘s crepitating snappiness to mind. Add Richard Wiggins‘ haunting vocals and what you get is an astonishing stroke of chilling tempestuousness. Top stroke!

Catch the fever right here…


SPiN – Fervent Clip For Smoking Lead Track Of New EP…

Clips that will impress your ears and your eyes…


SPiN, the powerful 4-piece engine from Philadelphia have released a video for the lead track of their brand new EP. DIG YOUR OWN GRAVE is a nasty, pounding rocker with an inflammable chorus that sounds like the frightening tick-tick-tick noise of a time bomb. After looking at the lyrics I first thought that this hammer was about idiot Donald Trump digging his own grave, but the clip reveals another story. Anyway, turn up the volume, here’s the merciless hammer…

You got it all figured out, don’t you
gonna watch it all fade in the rear view
When are you gonna learn to keep your mouth shut?
You may be winning for now, but so what?

You’re so smart, you think you know what to do
I’m gonna take a step back and watch you

Dig, Dig, Dig, Dig Dig Dig
Dig Dig Dig Dig
Dig your own grave

Oh well, There’s something I forgot to mention
the road to hell is paved with good intentions
and your intention is to get what you want
but I know what you’re gonna get – uh huh

You walk tall, your words are getting bolder,
better keep a sharp eye over your shoulder

Dig, Dig, Dig, Dig Dig Dig
Dig Dig Dig Dig
Dig your own grave

Turn around, your past is catching up to you
I’m gonna take a step back, and enjoy you

Dig, Dig, Dig, Dig Dig Dig
Dig Dig Dig Dig
Dig your own grave

You can stream the 4-track EP in full here on Spotify
Links to the band: Website – Facebook – Instagram