A Sexy Kiss And A Sultry Trick With Brand New Single ‘THOUGHT I KNEW YOU’ By SPiN…

11 December 2020

Steamy Philadelphia quartet SPiN have a brand new red-hot jackhammer out called
THOUGHT I KNEW YOU. A break-up-blast, groovin’ and movin’ to a hellish beat.

Imagine metal-glam legends Kiss and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame stars Cheap Trick
having a kick-ass jam while watching 1960’s sexy and sultry horror film Peeping Tom.

I Thought I Knew You pumps up your stream of adrenalin when the bang-your-head chorus kicks in. It’s an offer you can’t refuse. Hop ‘n’ pop around like a stoned monkey,
it’ll help you to fight your lockdown blues. C’mon get out of your lazy bed, look the Devil
in the eyes and start a fire.

Please to meet you, hope you guess my name…

SPiN: Facebook

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