Canadian Singer-Songwriter RYAN THOMAS SMELLE Has A Sad ‘STORY TO TELL’

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24 July 2022

Who: Canadian singer-songwriter from. His music crosses many
genres and includes acoustic, folk, pop, rock, country and adult

New single: STORY TO TELL

RTS: “Written the day after having to unexpectedly say goodbye to my four legged buddy. Not the first time I’ve had to say farewell to a pet, but there is always a period of numb. I also had a friend, at that time, succumb to his battle with cancer and those two things inspired this song.

There is an unmistakable feeling when in grief where things just don’t seem to matter. I put
pen to paper and the lyrics reflect it. There have been many who have connected with this
song, emotionally, and made their own personal connections to the lyrics.”

TUTV: This is a heart-and-soul touching pearl inspired by sad losses. Many of us can
relate to the story that is sung here. Doleful, grief-stricken, and distressing emotions
are universal, part of life.

The way Smelle expresses his own painful experiences with this mellifluous lullaby captivates your ears immediately. Its cathcing melodiousness, mellow tone, and most
of all its overall human feel of tristesse leave a profound impression.

Enjoy the soul-stirring story here (don’t blink or you’ll miss
the subtle changes throughout the clip)…