HISTORY – 27/28 April 1996 – Legendary OASIS Shows At Maine Road Manchester…

Six months after the release of their breakthrough masterwork album (WHAT’S THE STORY) MORNING GLORY? Manchester legends OASIS played two massive sold out concerts at MAINE ROAD MANCHESTER in the former football stadium of their beloved MANCHESTER CITY team. On 27 and 28 April 1996, the Gallaghers & Co wrote history. Joined by 80.000 (over the two days) the band had their dream come true by playing the ground of their Sky Blues squad. The two historic days were captured on film. The docu
‘…THERE AND THEN’ was released on video in October 1996 (still have my copy) and on DVD in 1997 (re-released in 2001). Supersonic stuff! Let’s look back in ecstasy.

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s selected top moments…

(The set’s opener / Noel’s awesome guitar)

(I’m feeling supersonic / Give me gin and tonic / Liam was born for this)

(One of my all time fav Oasis live knockouts)

(Oasis made this killer their own)


(A choir of 40.000)

Concert 27 April in full
Setlist 27 April
Setlist 28 April

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Legends OASIS Released Their Euphoric Debut Single ‘SUPERSONIC’ Twenty-Five Years Ago Today…

Knockouts from the past

11 April 2019

Manchester rock legends OASIS released their debut single SUPERSONIC on 11 April 1994, that’s exactly 25 years ago today. Oh my, oh my! Time really flies when you are having some of the best years of your life with one of the best rock bands ever. FACT!

I need to be myself / I can’t be no one else
I’m feeling supersonic / Give me gin and tonic

Those opening lines still sound awe-inspiring, rip-roaring and utterly cool! So far,
in Turn Up The Volume‘s opinion, nobody followed into Oasis‘ giant footsteps. Nobody!
Noel wrote some of the best songs in music history. Live they were a red-hot rockin’
blast (I saw them 27 times). And yes, those two fighting brothers were maximum fun,
on and off stage. Supersonic was the start of an era. C’mon, let’s get mad for it again…

B-sides (on the cd single): Take Me Away / I Will Believe (Live) / Columbia
The single peaked at #31 in the UK but became a classic over the years

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Happy 50 To Classic Singer/Songwriter NOEL GALLAGHER…

29 May 2017

NOEL Thomas David GALLAGHER was born in Longsight, Manchester on 29 May 1967.
Fifty years ago, just 3 days before his all time favorite band THE BEATLES released their masterpiece album SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. Being born so close
to that magical milestone day must be definitely, maybe one of the reasons why Noel
was, undoubtedly, destined to become a brilliant songwriter, to become a rock & roll
star, to become The Chief of the legendary OASIS and a great solo performer (better
than many expected) after the band split. On top of it he’s a hilarious one-liner expert
and always ready for an amusing, verbal fight with brother Liam. Happy 50 to the man
who gave us a full jukebox of timeless crackers we can sing along on top of our lungs.
Here are three of his unforgettable pearls…




NOEL GALLAGHER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

23 Years Ago Today OASIS Released Their Smashing Debut Single ‘SUPERSONIC’…

When timeless in sound and vision…


‘Supersonic’ by OASIS
Released 11 April 1994

I still remember that moment, back in 1994, when I heard OASIS’ stunning debut single SUPERSONIC for the first time on Studio Brussels, a Belgian alternative radio station. Its
in your face rock swagger, Liam‘s powerful ‘I’m mad for it’ voice and the euphoric lyrics knocked me out on the spot. They truly sounded like nobody else at the time. Sharp,
loud, untouchable and bloody cool. Electrifying Guitar Rock was back! I instantly felt
that something really special was going on. Four months later I traveled to London
to experience one of the best gigs ever in my life…

‘I need to be myself / I can’t be no-one else /
I’m feeling supersonic / Give me gin and tonic”


First and most memorable of my 27 Oasis concerts…

That first logo…