T.REX Topped The UK Singles Chart With Their Classic ‘HOT LOVE’ This Day In 1971

Great 7″ singles from the past

19 March 2023

Band: T. REX
Frontman and glam hero Marc Bolan passed
away on 16th September, only 29. R.I.P.

Single: HOT LOVE


Marc Bolan: “There is so little time for us all I need to
be able to say what I want quickly and to as many people
as possible.”

The gem topped the UK Singles Chart on this day in 1971.

“Well she’s my woman of gold
And she’s not very old – a ha ha
Well she’s my woman of gold
And she’s not very old – a ha ha
I don’t mean to be bold, a-but
a-may I hold your hand?

Well she ain’t no witch and I love the way she twitch – a ha ha
Well she ain’t no witch and I love the way she twitch – a ha ha
I’m a labourer of love in my persian gloves – a ha ha”

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Waking Up With… TELEGRAM SAM 51 Years Ago Today

Works faster and harder than caffeine

5 February 2023

The late glam star MARC BOLAN (30 Sept 1947 – 16 Sept 1977) and his band
T.REX topped the UK Singles Chart 51 years ago today, on 5 Feb 1971, with sultry
groove classic TELEGRAM SAM.

Info: The lyrics feature numerous figures such as Bobby (who is a natural
born poet who is just outta sight), Golden Nose Slim (knows where you been),
Jungle Faced Jake (about whom no mistake must be made) and Purple Pie Pete
(whose lips are like lightning and are capable of generating a heat power sufficient
to liquefy females). Despite their charms, the singer expresses his loyalty to his
“main man”, the titular Sam.

The song featured on their 7th LP Slider (#4 on the UK Charts).

Give it some hot love, folks.

T. REX: Bio – Discography

Slider’s artwork

The Late Iconic Glam Star MARC BOLAN Passed Away 45 Years Ago

16 September 2022

MARC BOLAN died 45 years ago, on 16 September 1977 in a car accident.
The pin-up spearhead of glam and glitter rock legends T.REX. He was only 29.
His wife was behind the wheel and survived the crash.

A 45th Anniversary concert will take place tomorrow in London September with
veteran stars Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Tony Visconti (celebrated producer), David
(Japan) Toyah, Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Andy Ellison and
several more.

Three great Marc Bolan Moments.



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T. REX Scored Big One With Third LP ‘SLIDER’ 50 Years Ago Today (Yes The One With The Iconic Front Sleeve)

Back in time

21 July 2022

Band: T. REX
Active: 1967-1977 / 16 studio LPs

R.I.P. Marc Bolan (30 September 1947 – 16 September 1977)

Anniversary album: SLIDER
The third LP after changing (in 1968) their name
from Tyrannosaurus Rex to T.Rex
Released: 21 July 1972 – 50 years ago today
Produced by Tony Visconti
Score: #4 in the UK, #13 in the US

Pitchfork said: “The Slider exudes confidence to the point of becoming delirious and
drunk on Bolan’s own self-regard, careening between bawdy, brash Little Richard lop-bam-booms, weirdo machismo rock, and ethereal acoustic ballads, while line by line Bolan toggles between profundity and inanity, melancholia and nonsense… Bolan was content to blur the lines between genres. No longer happy with those weedy full-lengths and favoring instead the concision of a 45, T. Rex’s greatest songs hit like hard candy: crunchy, mouth-tingling sweet,
and a little unreal.”
Full review here. Score: 9.5/10

TUTV: Bolan embodied all things rock ‘n roll star. Glam and glitter looks, glam and glitter moves, glam and glitter ego, and most of all glam and glitter tunes still played worldwide today. Legend 4ever.

Singles/clips: Metal Gutu / Telegram Sam



Stream all glam and glitter on Slider on Spotify..

T. REX: Bio – Discography

Glam & Glitter Hero MARC BOLAN Died In A Car Crash 45 Years Ago This Year

20 March 2022

On 6 September 1977 it will be 45 years since MARC BOLAN, the pin-up
spearhead of glam and glitter rock legends T.REX died in a car incident. He
was only 29. His wife was behind the wheel enad survived the crash.

A 45th Anniversary Concert will take place in London in September with British
veteran stars Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Tony Visconti (celebrated producer), David
(Japan) Toyah, Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Andy Ellison and
several more.

R.I.P. eternal jeepster…


By Fans Demand – FERAL FIVE Get It On!

29 January 2022

London’s electronic duo FERAL FIVE pay
homage to the late great glam rock icon
MARC BOLAN and T.REX with their new
cover of the classic GET IT ON.

FF: “Featuring both Ferals on vocals, this stomping version saw a fans-only sneak
peek to celebrate finishing their album. They soon had requests for a full release,
which the band dutifully obliged. Talk about ‘Bang A Gong’, this track has dirty synths,
floating fuzz guitar, heavy bass and beats (including cymbals and gongs of course).
Crank up the generator and set your speakers to overload, this song is more than
electric, it’s a mesmeric fully Feralised electronic smash!

The duo’s version is a repetitive banging gong going on and on.
Glam and glitter electro for the dancefloor lit by a rotating, shiny
disco ball.

Let’s dance, take a chance, understand me
You’re dirty, sweet and you’re my girl…

FERAL FIVE: Facebook

T. REX – Glam Rock Monument ‘ELECTRIC WARRIOR’ Came Out 50 Years Ago Today

Back in time

24 September 2021

Band: T. REX
Active: 1967-1977
4 studio LPs as Tyrannosaurus Rex
and 12 albums as T. Rex

R.I.P. Marc Bolan
30 September 1947 – 16 September 1977

Anniversary album: ELECTRIC WARRIOR
Released: 24 September 1971 – 50 years ag today
Producer: Tony Visconti (who worked a lot with Bowie
too and several other big-name musicians))
Score: # 1 in the UK

Pitchfork said: “Electric Warrior does contain the immortal “Bang a Gong (Get it On)”, but that’s neither the only nor the best reason to pick it up. What makes this record so enduring is its almost accidental emotional depth: When T.Rex is kicking out the jams, they sound like they’re having the most gleeful, absurd good time ever committed to wax. There’s nothing so glorious in rock and roll as hearing Bolan croon, “Just like a car, you’re pleasing to behold/ I’ll call you Jaguar if I may be so bold,” over his namesake boogie… The most significant aspect of Electric Warrior isn’t its arena rock confidence; it’s that Bolan allows his grinning mask to slip. With the incomparable aid of producer Tony Visconti, Bolan sketches a vast, empty room, where, after the party’s over, he resides alone, wide-eyed and desperate. On ballads like
“Cosmic Dancer”, “Monolith” and “Girl”, he speaks in the same gibberish as elsewhere, but
he’s clearly haunted by what we can’t say.”
Full review here. Score: 9.5/10.

Turn Up The Volume: A natural-born rock star. Charisma, looks, clothes,
voice, and most of all tons of classic gems, slow and fast, glamorous and
moody. A genuine electric warrior. Icon 4ever.

Singles: Get It On / Jeepster

(No 1 on the UK Singles Chart)

(Peaked at #2 on the UK Singles Chart)

Album in full…

T.REX: Discography