Waking Up With… TELEGRAM SAM 51 Years Ago Today

Works faster and harder than caffeine

5 February 2023

The late glam star MARC BOLAN (30 Sept 1947 – 16 Sept 1977) and his band
T.REX topped the UK Singles Chart 51 years ago today, on 5 Feb 1971, with sultry
groove classic TELEGRAM SAM.

Info: The lyrics feature numerous figures such as Bobby (who is a natural
born poet who is just outta sight), Golden Nose Slim (knows where you been),
Jungle Faced Jake (about whom no mistake must be made) and Purple Pie Pete
(whose lips are like lightning and are capable of generating a heat power sufficient
to liquefy females). Despite their charms, the singer expresses his loyalty to his
“main man”, the titular Sam.

The song featured on their 7th LP Slider (#4 on the UK Charts).

Give it some hot love, folks.

T. REX: Bio – Discography

Slider’s artwork

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